Shopping Etiquette: 8 Things Every Retail Employee Wants You to Know


Ladies, let’s talk about a few things that we should keep in mind when doing a little retail therapy!

1. Please hand the money to the cashier in their hand. Do not lay the bills on the counter with change. It takes time to pick money off the counter and the transaction will go much faster if you hand the money to them.

2. Please do not act upon any last minute shopping while you are on the line. Decide before you get up to the register if you want to buy something or not. If you know that you only have $150, why would you bring $200 worth of merchandise and hold up the line by sorting through everything after the cashier has rung it all up?

3. Please do not come into a store with open food containers even if you do not see a sign that says “No food or drink”. Things can get messy and spill and cause a hassle to clean up, and do not throw your food trash in the stores trashcan. There is typically a mall garbage outside the store to dispense of food items.

4. Please keep your children busy while you shop. The store staff should not have to babysit your children while they pull down clothing from the racks or play hide-n-go-seek in the dressing rooms and between the fixtures. A store is not a playground and each parent should advise their kids of proper store behavior.

5. If you need something on a high display, please do not grab the hook yourself and try to take it down. Ask a staff member; they will help you and can probably do it much faster. Someone can get hurt trying to use the metal hook by themselves.

6. If you are trying on clothing and they do not work out for you, please take a few extra seconds to put them back on the hanger properly, and do not leave clothing on the floor and inside of the dressing room (unless asked to do so). The fitting room should not look like you just stepped out of the clothes and left.

7. You should look at clothing with care. Sorting through racks roughly, dropping items on the floor (if you drop it, PLEASE pick it up), and destroying all folds on tables creates chaos for the next shopper and the store staff, so please be considerate.

8. Be courteous. Although retail employees are there for a job they still should be treated with respect! Help to make their job enjoyable so they can continue to give you quality customer service. After all, they have to stand on their feet all day, deal with customer attitudes, ensure they are completing task, making financial goals, etc.


Until next time, ladies. Muah!


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