8 Things To Do That Totally Trump Going Out In The Fall

8 Things To Do That Totally Trump Going Out In The Fall

Fall is finally here so for most of us that means boots, scarves, hot beverages, and chilly weather!

Let me start by saying this–I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with going out in the Fall. Living in Atlanta, there is always a club or bar you can go to and trust me… I love a good party just as much as the next person, but I definitely feel like Fall has a lot more to offer than to go clubbing  in the Fall. Take it from me, there are plenty of things you can do that beat going out in cold weather. I am aware that for some cities you all have coat checks at your clubs/bars, but for many of us that just isn’t the case. So instead of standing in line wearing some outfit that it’s too cold outside to wear or having to lug your coat around when you get inside, let’s chat about things things do that will simply make you fall for Fall.

date night

Go on dates.

Whether you single and ready to mingle or you’re faithfully committed. Fall and Winter are the perfect times of year to get cozy and acquainted with someone special. There are so many great things to do in the Fall that just doesn’t feel the same at any other time of year–get creative! For those of you who are single, remember… going on a date doesn’t mean it has to be with the intent to engage in a monogamous relationship. Take your best friend out or even your mom–who says all dates require a significant other?! For those of us who are committed, bust out that date jar we created a while ago and get started! Go to the pumpkin patch, take some scenic trips, go to a drive-in… just get out and enjoy quality time with your honey!


Start a project.

I’m always encouraging you to work on or find something that you’re passionate about. With the cold weather about, it’s the perfect time to start a project that you’re proud of. Design a line of t-shirts. Record a song. Paint a masterpiece. Hand-make holiday gifts. Whatever you decide, the cold weather will keep you inside providing you with plenty of time to really work on and develop whatever project you’ve committed to! Get creative, get excited, GET STARTED!

movie night

Create or find a must-see movie list and watch them all!

This can last you just a few weeks or the entire cold weather season depending on how long your must-see movie list is. This is one of those options that leaves leeway for a ton of other things to be involved. You can host the movies at your house each week, complete with the best wines and  foods or you can share the list with a group of friends and each of you host in a rotating manner. If you’re seeing someone, this is a great way to spend quality time with one another without having to spend tons of money! Take it as far as you want! Do with it what you want.. but get into it!


Get a puppy.

I know, I know. How the hell does getting a puppy beat going out and shaking it on the dance floor?! But seriously, getting my puppy has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of Fall for me! The same way you bond with people, you bond with animals. Remember though, getting a puppy is a commitment. Don’t get a puppy if you cannot handle the responsibility if having one, please.You’ll spend plenty of time training the puppy, playing with the puppy, and caring for the puppy. Couples and roommates, this is a great Fall activity to take on together. It makes way for bonding between you two and the puppy. Such an intimate experience!


Visit different coffee shops.

As a coffee enthusiast, I will proudly say that there are a TON of amazing coffee shops out there that make Starbucks seem like McDonald’s, okay? Fall is the perfect time to visit coffee shops around your area and it’s also perfectly fine to do alone or with friends. Try all the drinks on the menu. Find out which spots are your favorite and get comfortable! You will be overwhelmed with all the amazing people who hang out in small coffee shops and your taste buds can barely handle all the amazing beverages there are do NOT come in a “Tall, Grande, or Venti”.



Yes, if you want to you can just shop at the mall, but thrifting is excellent me-time. Again, this is also something that is great alone or with friends. Visit local antique and thrift shops and astound yourself with the hidden treasures inside. We all know of The Salvation Army and Goodwill, but there are a number of other thrift stores out there! Get waist deep in affordable, unique items that will have you turning heads all Fall and Winter long! Remember, thrifting doesn’t always have to be about clothes! You can find things to help you fulfill your Fall project you’re getting started on!

Stock Photo by Sean Locke www.digitalplanetdesign.com

Plan and host a holiday party or get-together.

Fall and Winter bring us some of the most celebrated holidays in the world. If you’re anything like me, you love parties. Parties can and DO take place outside of the club/bar scene. It doesn’t have to be a fancy-shmancy dinner party. As the planner, you can make it whatever type of party you want! The planning takes a while so enjoy staying in the house to hash out every little detail of what is sure to be your best party or get-together of the year! Once you’ve finally planned everything out, take the time to get all the items and supplies you’ll need. That will take up even more time. Then of course, be the prettiest (or most handsome) host there is! Leave the attendees with nothing to talk about but your amazing party.


Get to really know somebody special.

Again, with the cold weather encouraging you to stay inside and stay warm, take that time to really get to know someone. Whether you’re making the decision to get to know someone you’re interested in or spending time getting to bond more closely with a friend–Fall is the perfect season for that. Stay up for late night phone calls. Have a sleepover. Learn as much as you possibly can about someone and watch how much of a blessing that relationship grows to be in your life. It’s an amazing experience!


Cook like crazy.

I love to cook. During the colder times, nothing pleases me more than making warm, delicious goodies to make my movies, projects, and or friendly visits all the more better. Find yummy recipes and special Fall drinks to serve yourself or anyone else. Baking is also a great alternative to cooking meals. It’s usually not as hard of a task, but still delicious and enjoyable for anyone involved. It’s also a lot easier to keep company around when food, drinks, and/or sweets are around!

I promise if you give them a try you’ll find that there is much more to a enjoyable evening than going to a club, getting drunk, and/or hooking up with someone you’ll regret sleeping with later on! If you have some other suggestions of ways to enjoy a cold evening be sure to share it with me in a comment!


Love, peace, and light, dear reader.