Boob Nation : A Guide to Finding the Perfect Bra



Choosing the right bra can be a very challenging task, but I am here to help you! I am going to be completely honest, a good bra for me is EVERYTHING! I have such a fear of having boobs that go south that I “live and die” by having a great supportive bra! But truth is most women do not wear their correct size. Finding a bra that fits properly can make you look and feel your best.  Below are simple tips to consider when choosing the right bra:


Finding your measurements is the absolute first step. Go to a lingerie or department store to ask to be measured by an expert. Even if you have been measured before, it can help to recheck your size periodically. And let’s be real ladies over time there is a great chance that our boobs will grow and we need to accommodate them!


It is very important to try on the bras that you are interested in purchasing to ensure that it fits properly. Different companies/brands vary in consistency with sizing numbers because there is no standard sizing guide for bras.


Keep in mind that under wires can provide more support, push-up bras enhance cleavage, and bras with thicker padding add inches. Bras should fit snug, but not extremely tight. If the straps are digging into your skin, then my friend you need to go up a size.

And ladies remember, Bras only last about 6 months before they start to break down and lose their support depending on the frequency of use. I know that we have our favorite ones that we can never seem to part with, but please understand that you could be compromising the level of support that your girls need. Well ladies, that’s all I have to share today, but I think I’ll address some common myths when it comes to bras really soon, but until then,




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