Welcome to the Goddess Column (or welcome back, if you knew us before)! We pride ourselves on being “A First-Class Digest of Adulthood—UNCENSORED.” We share our truths and opinions on real-life experiences in lifestyle, parenting, relationships, and self-love. These, in our opinion, make up much of our journey through adulthood and we always tell it like it is… UNCENSORED AS FUCK. So, buckle up!

Goddess Column was created in November of 2013 by our Editor-in-chief, Isis Nezbeth. After nearly five years of providing content online to our reading communitty, we felt it best to revamp our vision and we took about a year long break. We are so happy to enter year six with fresh new minds, content, and Goddess Column exclusives!

As we get ready to embrace our newest writing year, we look forward to continuing to provide the same authentic feel many of our seasoned readers are used to having while also providing a ton of freshness to the mix for our new readers! We invite you along our journey and we thank you for your commitment.