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First and foremost, the most humble gratitude for taking the time to visit The Goddess Column (TGC). The Goddess Column is a fun, trendy lifestyle-based blog focused on the cultivation of a free spirit and the celebration of creative-minded individuals. Here you can learn a little more about each of the individuals that help make TGC a positive experience for you!



Isis ‘Goddess Isis’ Nezbeth is a 23 year old, Bohemian gonzo journalist. Hailing from the South, she recently graduated from Augusta State University and moved to The Big Apple a couple months later. In May of this year, Goddess Isis continued to further her journey in Atlanta, Ga. Since living in Atlanta, Goddess Isis is doing her best to adapt to her new environment, writing for ‘The Goddess Column’ and Kontrol Magazine daily, and continuing in her journey to better life.

When she is not writing and editing mind-blowing content for The Goddess Column, she can be found learning the city, enjoying the sun and/or environment, checking out the Atlanta Nightlife, and doing her best to cultivate her vegetarian lifestyle. Goddess Isis feels that writing The Goddess Column is her divine duty in life. She feels that her purpose in life is to inspire, teach, motivate, and uplift anyone who is willing to listen. She puts her all into this column and hopes that you become a daily visitor and supporter. IG: @GoddessGram



Elicia ‘Skittlesz’ Nash is a 23 year old student currently studying Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management at Columbia Southern University. Originally from the Midwest, Skittlesz is currently living in the South, teaching children and adults alike how to swim and enjoy the water. Skittlesz also specializes in natural hair styles and loves teaching others natural and holistic living skills.

When she is not developing marketing strategies and creative ideas for The Goddess Column, Skittlesz can be found traveling. To date, she has traveled to Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Sicily, Hungary, and the Bahamas. She takes every experience of the places she has traveled as an opportunity to learn new cultures, new languages, new food, new people and new ways of thinking. She hopes to share some of that with you, Here on the Goddess Column. IG: @Skittlesz_Nash



Shanese Nixon is a 22 year old student at Georgia State University and lover of all things creative. She is currently studying Public Relations, while constantly taking advantage of opportunities to better her skill and professionalism in the field.

When Shanese is not managing social media and other public relation matters for The Goddess Column she can be found exploring Atlanta, making network connections, and enjoying whatever inspirational art she can find. IG: @SNixon2



Cameron ‘Cam’ Glover is a junior at a small P.W.I. in New Jersey, studying Literature and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies.

When she is not writing funny, critical articles for The Goddess Column, she is a staff writer for her school newspaper, student activist for racial equality on campus, and on a constant search for delicious vegetarian meals. IG: @CammiCam3



LaShunna Stokes is a 28 year old lover of all things creative. She is a Visual Merchandise Manager and holds a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing.

When she is not writing for The Goddess Column, she is cultivating her personal style blog realworldrealpeople.com, thrift shopping, and volunteering with her local church. As an aspiring fashion stylist, she has a passion for cultivating and leading others in the areas of style, beauty, and leadership. IG: @LStokes85


A Note from the Editor:

The Goddess Column does not have an overall focal point. It is literally a written account of our minds out loud. I share my thoughts and personal views on sex, beauty, natural hair, relationships, advice and daily life throughout my journey to better life. On top of this blog, I’m in the process of writing my first book. Writing is my passion. I find refuge in how open my heart and mind become the moment I begin to write. I write to be heard. I write to embrace my thoughts and character. I write to inspire. The individuals above share the same value as I do in their own passions. With that being said, everything you read here is our honest opinion and genuine emotion. The Goddess Column is not here to foster negativity or controversy and I ask that all material be read with a nonjudgmental heart.

Please be sure to leave your thoughts in comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Peace and love, dear reader.