Hello there. Thanks for wanting to know more about The Goddess Column.

The Goddess Column was created by me, Isis Nezbeth, in November of 2013–just a few days after my 23rd birthday. Like most Millennials, I felt pretty lost in what exactly I was supposed to be doing with my life and thus rested on my gut feeling to launch a blog about exactly that. The Goddess Column, since then, has developed into what I like to call ‘a first-class digest of adulthood-uncensored’. From business, life, love, and everything in between–there’s no limit to the topics that are discussed and there’s certainly #nofilter when it comes to telling the story of experiencing adulthood.

After sleepless nights of brainstorming, I finally came up with a name I hoped would stand the test of time. I knew I wanted my platform to be one that discussed the challenges of Millennial life, while also focusing pretty heavily on giving specific advice to anyone who asked for it. That’s how I decided on a column. Then I kept thinking, but what else? Then it came to me… my parents named me Isis, after the Egyptian Goddess. Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, but she also listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.” My parents didn’t know it, but they hit the nail on the head. That small excerpt alone describes me more than you might think. Not that I think I’m the ideal mother or wife, but I plan to learn how to be and furthermore, I plan to share my journey with anyone who’s willing to listen. In addition, I see everyone. I choose to see the light in people from all walks of life and to share that light with as many people as I can on top of that. Lastly and most important, I am a Goddess. A woman of extraordinary charm, who is strong in her values and rich beyond belief in the things that truly matter to me–love, family, and free life.

As a strong woman, many of the opinions you’ll hear from me will be from a woman’s perspective, but The Goddess Column welcomes men as well. Just like anyone who seeks themselves, it took me a while to recognize and connect with my inner Goddess, but once I found her, I never let her go. With this platform, I have now taken on the challenge of uplifting and helping other men and women grow into their own inner God and Goddess. Hence, The Goddess Column.

My mission, to be quite frank, is to be a platform where Millennials feel comfortable not having their sh*t together. It goes without saying that I don’t want you to leave here the same way you came, so my plan is to document the struggles had and the lessons learned from myself and other Millennials out there in hopes of assuring you of two things. 1) That you’re not alone whenever you feel like your life is in shambles and you’re not ‘adulting’ very well and 2) that there’s nothing wrong with having to learn the lessons of life as they are thrown at you–one day at a time.

Here’s to standing the journey of adulthood together.


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