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PODCAST: The Best Life Advice I’ve Ever Received

What was the best life advice you’ve ever received?  Seriously, take a minute to ponder that question for me. As I prepared to bring in a new year that would change my life in ways I couldn’t yet imagine, I asked myself this exact question. I was thinking about my baby girl who would soon be entering the world and I wondered what might be the best life advice I could ever give her. First, I had to really dig deep inside to answer this question for myself. With me being a person who loves seeking life advice (especially from people who […]

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Z is for Zeal 2

It shows through us before we can squeeze a single word from our mouths. It is the twinkle in our eye. It is the spunk in our attitude. The pep in our walk. The strength of our smile. The light of our spirit. It is what creates the rhythmic beat our heart finds throughout the course of life. Some of us are able to figure it out earlier than others, but eventually most of us are able to identify at least one thing that our soul just cannot live without doing. It’s the reason you were placed on Earth. If you ask me, it’s the […]


7 Mantras to Live By

This week we are focusing on the beauty of soul. One way I feel I keep my soul healthy and beautiful is through powerful mantras. Although there are several different mantras you could choose from, there are 7 that speak to me specifically. Here are 7 mantras to live by. Let’s get into it! If you’re going to pray don’t worry; If you’re going to worry, don’t pray. The Heavenly Spirit is in control of all that is life. My mother has always told me that no matter what you do, do not expect God to fail. If you go […]


A Personal Letter of Encouragement. 2

“What the ****are you doing, Isis?” –one of the absolute most difficult questions I’ve ever had to answer for myself, hands down. To be honest, I ask myself this question at least three times a week… and you know, the funny thing about it is, I have an answer to this question–a very good answer to this question–which really does the job when I need to lift my spirits and encourage myself. For the past few weeks though, it didn’t seem to work that way. My spirit was flustered. I lacked inspiration. I was getting upset about things–stupid things… and I could not for the life of me figure out […]


The Real Reasons You Never Meet Your New Years Resolutions

Sure, we’re all a little annoyed by the cliche “New Year, New Me” posts at the beginning of a new year, but you know what’s worse? The backlashing posts that ridicule those who are trying to change for the better. Sure, it’s annoying when that one friend of yours posts the annual “New Year, New Me” post and then makes ZERO effort to actually change–but what about the people who actually set goals to become a better person for once in their life? I’m guilty, as so many of us are, of setting New Years Resolutions that after the first […]


Speak LIFE.

Ahhh, did you not need to hear that? That message scrolled into my life right on time so I just had to share it with you. Do you realize the strength and power of encouragement? Whether you’re giving the encouragement or your on the receiving end, it’s just so entirely healthy for everyone involved. I also want to shed some light on the beauty of supporting and uplifting each other. Think of the last time you were genuinely complimented… isn’t it beautiful that no matter how recently you received that compliment when you just recollected it, it still made you […]


How to be Happy


How can you not feel the complete desire to get up and do your best rendition of ‘the happy dance’ when Pharrell’s song Happy plays? I’m thoroughly convinced that the only people who don’t care for this song, don’t know the divine happiness that I’ve grown to fall in love with–and I think that’s unacceptable–but as usual, I’m here to lift you up not tear you down. Happy people spread happiness and that’s exactly what I plan to do. Here’s my take on how to be happy… genuinely Happy.

Start every day in a good mood.

How can one expect to live a happy life if you can’t even have a happy day? That means whatever it takes to start your day off in an amazing way–do that. First things first, YESTERDAY already happened. Don’t start your day worrying. No matter what happened yesterday, the only thing on your mind as soon as you wake up should be being thankful for opening your eyes to a brand new day.  Thank God for the opportunity!

Show gratitude. 

A humble person is thankful for all things and doesn’t take things for granted. A grateful person makes sure that the people they appreciate know that they are appreciated. A grateful person gives compliments. A grateful person is a kind person. Kind people are happy.

Come to terms with your past. 

If you can’t accept your past, you won’t be able to embrace the future. An easy way to almost guarantee humility within yourself is to accept your past for all that it is and be thankful that you’ve made it to where you are now–because let’s face it… I don’t think anyone’s past is just glitter and gold. The minute you are able to come to terms with the good, the bad, and the hideous that make up your earlier stages in life you won’t feel the pressure and stress of trying to 1) hide it from others, 2) hide it from yourself, or 3) actually deny that it happened at all. Ultimately, you’ll learn to make peace with your past and believe you, me… that is something to be happy about.

Be good to others. 

I know it sounds cliche, but the fulfillment you can receive from doing good to others, for others, and by others is damn near unexplainable. Everyone likes to feel like they’ve impacted someone’s life in a positive manner. This is an easy way to make sure that you do. And don’t forget, a small gesture of kindness really goes a lot further than you might imagine for some people. One of my favorite ways to make someone’s day is paying for the car behind me when I’m in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant. “If you can make someone else happy, do it. The world need’s more of that.”

Take care of yourself. 

A healthy mind and body is a key factor in happiness. The better care of yourself you take the less stress and negativity will be able to affect you. Taking care of yourself means eating as healthily as you can, exercising regularly and also taking care of your outer appearance. Feeling good on the outside is just as important as feeling good on the inside. We try and lie about it sometimes, but everyone loves a compliment. Get dressed everyday. You never know where your day can take you… may as well make sure your looking just as good as you feel to up the ante!

Live for yourself. 

I wouldn’t wish a life full of regret on my worst enemy. It pains my soul to think of those who trap their spirits for the likes of others. Be true to who you are. Believe in your dreams. Follow your heart. Make your own decisions. Make mistakes. Fail. All of this is a part of life and is completely healthy for you. The important thing is to understand that whatever you do–don’t do it for anybody else’s happiness but your own. I am firm believer that we are in control of our own happiness. If you’re not happy, it’s more than likely because you don’t want to be.

Do what you LOVE. 

At this point in my life, this one is the most important to me. A huge part of why I can live so happily by way of the five things listed above is because I do what I absolutely adore to do for a living. I am walking in my purpose daily and that makes waking up happily, being grateful, being humble, showing kindness–everything we’ve talked about–so very easy and desirable.


A smile from a person who is genuinely happy is complete gold. It’s contagious. It makes you feel good and the people who see it feel good. Our heart and spirit needs to smile. This is the ultimate goal in being happy. When you can genuinely smile for no reason at all… you are happy.

This is how I do it. I’m sure it could work for you. At least give it a try… what have you got to lose? Get your happy dance on…