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7 Signs You’re In Relationship Limbo 1

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a romantic relationship or a platonic friendship; a working relationship takes two. No relationship should be forced… period. A lot of the time, we are in denial about the realistic status of a relationship we feel we want and deserve which is what ultimately leads us into this relationship limbo.  The sad part about being in relationship limbo is that one person in the relationship normally cannot tell or does not want to admit that the relationship has gone there. So how do you know if you’re relationship is in limbo or not? Here are […]


‘My Goodies–NOT MY GOODIES’: Celibate and Dating 1

Today’s entry will be an extra special one. Although it’s been a while now, a dear friend of mine sent me a request that read: “Baby girl, can you do a piece on trying to be celibate and dating in today’s world? As a God-fearing woman, this poses a lot of difficulties because a lot of men–while they may respect what you are trying to do–won’t venture into this with you because they want a woman that will have sex with them. I find this interesting and want to know if other people have tried this and found the same […]


TGC Breakup Survival Kit

With Valentine’s Day just days away… I decided to deliver today’s message early because as much as I wish it wouldn’t happen, some of you won’t have that perfect V-Day celebration you anticipated. Others of us are just coming out of serious relationships so close to the day of love. And then there’s the truly brokenhearted… the ones who are still battling having their heart broken after all this time. Ladies, this simple DIY Breakup Kit is definitely something to consider. 


The “Best Damn Valentine’s Day Date” Ideas 2

It’s right around the corner… half of us are thrilled, others wish we could just do away with the damned holiday. If you’re excited about it, wait until you read these ideas! If you’re not feeling v-day, give me a few minutes to try and change your mind. I did some brainstorming, Instasurfing, and web surfing to help us all have a Happy Valentine’s Day this year. All of us being the new couples, the ‘no’ couples, and the old couples. Feel free to completely copy these ideas or to tweak them in ways that best suite you and/or your baby. […]


No Checks, No Sex.

I get it. It’s fxcking scary. No one wants to walk into a clinic and walk out knowing they’ve been burnt and what’s worse, most people probably wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for the person they got it from.


Flirtationships: The Real Reason Women Can’t Find Commitment 3

You’re either single, in a relationship, engaged, or married. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.