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How To Talk To Women On The Phone

Dear men, I’ll be honest in saying a lot of women claim to not like talking on the phone anymore. Don’t trust that this kind of woman is the kind of woman you want to pursue a relationship with. If she can’t talk to you on the phone, how will she converse with you face-to-face? That’s just a disclaimer. Anyway, we’ve talked about how to start a conversation online and we’ve talked about why you should call instead of text. Now, that you’ve got her number and you know why you should physically call her instead of text messaging, let’s discuss what that […]


The 15 Sexiest Things A Man Can Do

Who says you have to be Ryan Gosling or Idris Elba to be sexy? I believe any man can be sexy. Contrary to popular belief, looks really don’t hold a lot of weight in the sexy category. Furthermore, the simplicity of the sexiest things a man can do will blow your mind. You ready? Let’s get into it. Teach me something. An intelligent man is a gift from the good Lord himself. Please notice I didn’t say educated. I’m a firm believer that ‘street smarts’ outweigh ‘book smarts’ any day. Just because you went to college does not mean you’re smart. Sorry, boys. […]


Show Off Your Woman: 3 Simple Reasons to Be A Proud Suitor

Why do I need to show my woman off? I don’t really like people “in my business,”–I’m with her. Isn’t that enough? Dear Men, Were your thoughts anywhere along those lines when you clicked this article? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, but honestly… no it isn’t enough. Remember when we talked about The Secret to Every Woman’s Heart? Well, I’ve got another important tidbit to share about what to do after you’ve won her heart. There are several ways to show off your woman, but only three reasons to show off your woman that actually seem to matter (at […]


Rolling in the Dough: 3 Ways to Save Money in the Casino

As I’m soon to hit 25 years old, I have more and more of an urge to hit LAS VEGAS! But the one thing that has stopped me all of this time is the fear of losing all of my money in casino’s! Here are 3 effective ways to save money in the casino! Let’s get into it! Gambling has always been perceived in a negative light and for understandable reasons. However, there are a lot of addictions that also cost a lot of money but the world doesn’t really frown upon. Take for example the card game Magic: The Gathering (MTG). To […]


5 Things Women Associate with Your Skills in Bed 1

Dear men, Do you think men think about sex more than women do? Maybe, but I’ll tell you what, a lot more women think about sex than you might be aware of. Although we don’t just come out and say it like some guys do, there are certain things we associate with your skills in bed from the very minute we meet you. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “first impressions are lasting” and that couldn’t be more true! This week I want to clue you in on 5 things women are likely to associate with your skills in the bedroom. […]


7 Reasons To Call vs. Text

Dear men, I understand that nowadays texting has become a very regular, convenient way to communicate with others–especially someone you just met–but it really is not the best way to approach meeting someone new. I don’t know about the women you have encountered in the past, but a woman like me is no fan of the frequent texter. Here are 7 reasons to call vs. text that special lady you’re interested in. Let’s get into it! It shows you’re confident. This is the main attraction for me. I am not one to give my number to someone I do not […]


Dinner and a Movie Won’t Buy You The Booty 2

Dear men, Today’s post was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who began a conversation with me that basically asked why girls are willing to get ‘whined and dined’ without expecting to give up the goods. To me, the answer was obvious; chicks are getting more and more devious these days–most have just as much of a ‘plan’ as you fellas do. Still, he just didn’t understand why we would except expensive gifts and/or dates if we have no intention of giving up the booty and better yet, why we’re so surprised when they imply that that’s […]