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5 Things Women Associate with Your Skills in Bed 1

Dear men, Do you think men think about sex more than women do? Maybe, but I’ll tell you what, a lot more women think about sex than you might be aware of. Although we don’t just come out and say it like some guys do, there are certain things we associate with your skills in bed from the very minute we meet you. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “first impressions are lasting” and that couldn’t be more true! This week I want to clue you in on 5 things women are likely to associate with your skills in the bedroom. […]


The Sleepover Manual

Dear Men, Last week I was on vacation, so we’re a week overdue… but BOY do I have a topic for you! If I’m not mistaken, by this point you’ve let a female sleep over for a day or more. Unfortunately, us gals aren’t as talented at letting you fellas know just what that time means to us. The frequency of sleepovers communicates a lot to us gals, but I’m pretty sure you probably didn’t know that. So, as usual, I’m here to shed light on the situation. Let’s get into it! One-Nighters Whether you realize it and don’t care […]


50 Ways to Know ‘We’re Going Steady’

Have you ever been talking to someone and all of a sudden you realize how serious their feelings are for you? Don’t think that you two would have to be talking for a long time either. I’m always telling you that actions speak louder than words. It could be possible that the reason they feel so strongly for you and the reason they believe that you two are going steady is because you’ve done one or more of the things my Public Relations Director, Shanese, and I put together in this list of very true, yet hilarious things that may […]


My Boyfriend Isn’t Happy with my Oral Sex! 2

If you didn’t know, I’m always an open ear you can come to with your issues, just send me an email with details on what you’re needing advice with and I’ll do my best to help you out! Yesterday, I received an email from a female reader who needs a little advice. Her letter read: “Hi Isis, My boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months now. Things were really great for the first three/four months, but lately I’ve noticed a big difference in our connection. We’re normally really good about talking our problems out and the only […]


It Was JUST Sex

A friend of mine re-posted the photo pictured below on his Instagram and I decided not to leave you guys in the dark on the situation at hand. The language is very strong for my liking, but the clean version of the message reads: “I think men can have sex with another woman and still love his woman, but I don’t think a girl can have sex with another man and really love her man.” Dear Men,


If You’re Not Asleep… She Could Probably Do Better. 4

Dear Men, That’s right, you heard me… If you don’t look anything like the picture above after sex, I’m here to tell you that (between the two of you) someone’s gotta do better–but why not let it be your lady?


It’s Lunchtime: Eating the Kitty Cat

Dear Men, Think about forever. Better yet think about an eternity without getting head–scary right? I get it. Y’all love it; most men would even argue that you all needit. It’s not the most thrilling experience for every woman, but still we do it to give you satisfaction. With that being said, today we’re getting personal. Today, we’re getting sexy.