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VIDEO: Weighing in with Bodybuilder and Fitness Trainer, Seymour Gaines

It’s the second full week in 2016 and I hope you’re still going strong with pursuing the goals you’ve set for yourself this year! If you need a little motivation, you know The Goddess Column is always here to give it to you. Although your goals may not be in fitness at all, we want to highlight Bodybuilder and Fitness Trainer, Seymour Gaines, this week. Who is Seymour Gaines? Although he is very involved in fitness, our #MCM is tied up in a bunch of other things too! Seymour Gaines is also a tattoo artist, visual artist, actor, and poet–on top of […]


Unlacing Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery with Ricola Elizabeth

If there is one thing women care about, it is our hair! Meet Ricola Elizabeth, everyone. Ricola Elizabeth is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery. We’re so excited to share her love for hair and beauty with you, while also sharing her story of entrepreneurial success. So, let’s get into it! ​​​Tell us a little about Ricola Elizabeth as a being:  “I am a very fun and loving person. I love to laugh, I love to talk and did I mention I love to laugh? My friends would refer to me as ‘goofy’ because I’m always cracking […]


Defining “Organized Confusion” with Shareef Kent

Meet Mr. Desmond Omar-Shareef Kent, everybody. Shareef Kent is a talented artist found in my local area, Augusta, Ga. I came across several pieces of Shareef’s work via social media and I thoroughly enjoyed how expressionistic his pieces are. Without a doubt, I had to reach out to him for an interview so that we could find out more about the meaning and power behind the work he creates. I hope you’re as excited as I am about getting to learn more about him and his artistic skill. So, let’s get into! Tell us a little about Shareef Kent as a being: “Well my […]

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Local Artist Spotlight with Kxng Solo: “Bottom of the Cooler”

Nothing makes me more proud than being able to share the light and passion of artists that are from the same place that I am (and just to be clear, we’ve got a lot of that in the works)! For now though, I’d like to share the light of Stevie Berry, better known as King Solomon or “Kxng Solo,” for short. Kxng Solo is a multi-talented hip-hop artist and musician hailing right here from the good ole 7-0-6, Augusta, Ga. Continue reading

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Unfolding the Classic Style of Briar Davis 3

I’m so excited to introduce our latest fashion inspiration, Miss Briar Davis. I have been following Briar on social media since I started writing with Kontrol Magazine last year and I have always enjoyed her bold fashion style. She’s definitely been one of my absolute favorite free-spirited people to follow online! I was so excited when she agreed to share more of her fashion style and background with us. So, let’s get to know Briar a little better, shall we? Tell us a little about Briar as a being.  “As a being, I am fairly spiritual, optimistic, and I would […]

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TGC Interviews LA Vintage Connoisseur, Toni Walker, of Fair Season Vintage

Prepare yourself! This feature is guaranteed to inspire you! The Goddess Column was given the opportunity to interview LA Vintage Connoisseur, Toni Walker. Toni is the owner of Fair Season Vintage, the cutest vintage sourced in LA. TFGFounder, Isis Nezbeth, started following Toni on Instagram for her incredible vintage fashion style and her amazing throwback photos of artistic geniuses like 2Pac and Whitney Houston. Eventually, Isis pretty much became infatuated with Toni’s love for denim and vintage culture. It was also a huge plus that she is friends with one of our other favorite interviewee’s Chérmelle Edwards, The Coffeetographer. We really couldn’t wait […]

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Rising Artist OLU drops hit single ‘Square One’ featuring Michael Aristotle

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had the pleasure of sharing new music with our readers. Lucky for us, rising star OLU has given us something great to share! I adore this track and I want you to get all the way into it! The overall concept of the song is great and focuses on something many of us twentysomethings face time and time again–taking someone back because we can’t let them go! OLU is a 24 year old Nigerian American singer/songwriter from Lawrenceville, GA and the second artist ever signed to East Chain, an independent label founded in Atlanta,GA by Deandre […]