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#QueerTalk: Nikky Finney, Pt. II


If you haven’t been with us, be sure to read #QueerTalk: Nikky Finney: Part IWhere did we leave off?.. Right.

The phraseologytenuous business of heterosexuality’ stroke a match to my soul truth in that heterosexuality for me, indeed, was tenuous and so too was having sex with men Continue reading

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#QueerTalk: Nikky Finney, Part I


“Underneath all that Red is Something Beautiful Trying to Happen:” I, 2014 Black Lesbian Realized that Despite My Past Passing Passed “I thought I was Straight” Life, I recent said to another black queer woman “God Made Me a Lesbian” After Critical Life Sexuality Examination Coming to Intimately Understand That My Black Lesbian Identity as Finney NPR 2011 Stated Always Was “An Accumulation of LifeLived”
- Porsha L. Eden 2/17/14

White NPR ‘Talk of The Nation’ man open up asks listeners to penetrate the membrane between guest and themselves, in the 2011 golden year for a ‘Black lesbian fire writing poet, Black South Carolinian speakin’ Nikky Finney after she won the 2011 book award, “When did you assign yourself the title poet?” My heart soul collapsed into my earl grey sipping tea cup Continue reading

Commanding A #justloveethic

As a queer black lesbian woman who has fiercely stepped into her whole heart, tongue, fire presence and divine purpose through intensive self-work after loosing the Black woman I lovedlove for several years, I challenge you to command a ‘justloveethic’ in your personal and public spheres of life, as we approach Valentine’s Day.