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#RawTalent: ‘Inner Little Girl’, words by Akilah S. Richards

Today, we have a contributing piece from Akilah S. Richards, who we’ll be learning more about in an upcoming feature! Consider this an appetizer before the meal. Bon Appetit!

How Not To Lose Yourself

Words by Akilah S. Richards

Ever see those “letters to my younger self” projects where we are encouraged to pass on our wisdom to the versions of us that survived in our earlier years? This is kind of like that. But in reverse. Continue reading

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Guest Entry: Passion, Professionalism, Pride.


Today’s entry comes from a very special and unexpected guest–my brother. This was the first paper he wrote in college and it blew me away. There are barely any words to describe the happiness I feel knowing that my little brother is doing something he loves to do–cook. Remember a little while ago you and I discussed How You Know When You’ve Found Your Passion,  well there was no way I couldn’t share this with you. Enjoy!

There are three words that are keys to success–”Passion”, “Professionalism”, and “Pride”. All are inspiring words, and can be both fragile and controlling; they can even be a downfall in some cases. Once you obtain these three words they can speak for you, Continue reading


#RawTalent: Sydney Ewerth

When was the last time you saw a piece of pottery and wondered who created it or better yet, how they did it. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t until I met this woman that I even truly knew what beautiful works make up what we know of pottery and ceramics. So I want to introduce you to Sydney Ewerth–a phenomenal artist and an even greater woman.  Sydney has inspired our newest category of content–#RawTalent because I promise you, what you’re about to witness is just that. Check out what she had to say during her interview with Goddess Isis:

Living the Dream: MandaPandie

Meet TreManda Pewett everybody… Or as many of you may know her from her incredible Instagram work, “MandaPandie”. Manda hails from Chicago, but is currently in L.A. raising money for her Fall 2014 semester at the renowned Spelman College. She is pursuing a degree in Industrial Design. We were completely drawn in by TreManda’s remarkable artistry skill, her love for God, and her funky character designs. Check out what Manda had to say during her interview with Goddess Isis: Continue reading