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Video: How to Install Faux Loc Extensions


As requested, here is a video tutorial on how I install my faux loc extensions. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below! Enjoy! Continue reading

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Tasteful Addictions


If you’re anything like me, you should be able to think of at least three things you’re addicted to that are–let’s face facts here–no good at all. We don’t have to point fingers or go into detail here, but instead I’d like to propose an alternative. In this requested entry, we’ll identify some tasteful addictions you can add to your lifestyle and feel good about doing so!  Continue reading

Head over Heels

Have you ever truly thought about this question? Recently, I’ve been witnessing myself grow in depths I really could have never imagined. I’ve had people of all kinds compliment me on my craft, my hair, my smile, my personality… plenty of things–and not to be boastful, but I’d say I was pretty deserving of every compliment. And that’s ok.

The body is a beautiful thing, we [women] have features that are entirely irresistible. What else is there?
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Sex and The City


Like most women who have ever taken the time to view even the slightest piece of this timeless, classic television show–I LOVE SEX AND THE CITY. Candace Bushnell, author of the book series with the same name and my favorite author, created four all-time women with astonishing personalities that I feel every woman in the world can relate to in at least one way if not more. Being that I can’t speak for you all reading, I’ll share with you guys how I personally relate with each one of the four best friends.
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The Veggie Project


We find so many ways to improve the way we look on the outside, but it’s really easy to forget about improving the inside. We’ve focused a lot of time encouraging you to have a healthy spirit and now we want to motivate you to have a healthy body! I’m going to make an effort (and a huge one!) to alter my eating habits and practice vegetarianism!
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