#CoffeeTalkTuesday: How to Build Your Brand


When you realize you want to become an entrepreneur, one thing is for certain… your brand is everything. It may seem a little complicated, but when the right steps are taken it can be a piece of cake. Here is our advice on how to build your brand. Let’s get into it!

Seek and study.

This was the first step for me. Once I knew that I wanted to create The Goddess Column I had to educate myself on what it took to run a successful blogging business. This is something I am still doing constantly. You have to seek knowledge in the field and seek wisdom from professionals who have grown successful in the business your trying to build and study that. DO NOT COPY what you see, but use it to learn from. What are they doing specifically? Is that working? How can you learn from that?

Believe in yourself and what your brand has to offer.

Once you’ve got your brand in your heart, BELIEVE IT WITH EVERYTHING YOU ARE. From that point on be confident and proud in your brand in every way–what it is, who it is, and what it offers. Do not let anyone take that away from you. If you don’t believe in your brand, I wouldn’t imagine success being too close by.

Create a memorable, positive image for yourself and your brand.

This is the fun part. What do you want people to feel when they hear, think, and see your brand? This is where you let your creativity fly. For me, I used this as an opportunity to integrate myself into what I wanted to make of The Goddess Column and I focused on ways to make that timeless. From the color scheme to the font choice I made it a personal decision. What best represents me? Not every entrepreneur uses themselves as the inspiration for their brand, but I was happy to. I’m always brainstorming ways to make it better, so don’t feel as if you only get one shot. If you don’t feel too creative, seek a professional who can help you create a great image for your brand. This is extremely important.

Plan, organize, execute.

Simple as that. Make a plan. Organize what needs to be done in order to make the plan work. Execute the plan.

Invest in yourself and your brand.

First things first, you gotta spend money to make money. Investing in yourself is where it all begins. This is where you shell out the money for business cards, a website, the materials you need to create product, etc. This is where all the foundation begins. It’s important to understand that this is a huge part of building your brand. How can you promote yourself with nothing to show for it?

Promote yourself ALWAYS.

For some reason, we believe that eventually people will learn our brand it will promote itself, but that is not true. You must learn to selflessly promote yourself, which means without being obnoxious or big-headed. Be humble and ask for the sale. Let your customers know what you’re offering, why you made it for them (in what ways will it benefit their life?), and how much their support means to you.

Be accessible and present.

Get involved in the things going on around you. Take your brand out into the community. Share your brand in social media. Interact with the people who are supporting you and be present always. You’ve got to be out there to get your brand out there!

Be consistent.

This is how you keep it going. Getting started will be awesome, but being committed is the real key. You have to be consistent in order to successfully brand yourself. When I say consistent, I mean 24/7, 365 CONSISTENT. Your brand is you. No matter what you’re doing or where you are, always represent your brand. Always. Share it with everyone.


Most important, be proud.


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