Dear Men: 30 Ways to Make Her SQUEAL!

Dear Men: 30 Ways to Make Her SQUEAL!

Hell Yeah

That’s right fellas, a whole 30 different ways to make her SQUEAL (and NOT just in bed). I’m not saying that doing some or most of these things will guarantee you’ll win her heart, but if the gal is anything like me… these will definitely help to push you a little further ahead and/or deeper into the “game”. Let’s get into it!

Dear men,

  1. Remember something, anything without her having to remind you. We get it. It’s hard to remember dates, but pick at least one day that is important to her and write it down, set an alarm for it–whatever it takes–just REMEMBER IT for goodness sake!
  2. Watch chick flicks with her (and at least act interested).
  3. Send her thoughtful text messages. That means more than ‘hey’ or ‘wyd beautiful’.
  4. Watch her ‘must watch’ TV show(s) with her.
  5. Take her on a day date. Meet her for coffee or a walk around the park. It’s quick; it’s intimate; it’ll make you converse; and she’ll think about it for the rest of the day no matter how short the visit was.
  6. Play in her hair. 
  7. Cuddle with her.
  8. Cuddle after sex.
  9. Play in her hair while cuddled after sex. Ding-ding-DING! We have a winner!
  10. Tell her a secret. It doesn’t have to be your deepest darkest secret, but she’ll think it’s so adorable that you trusted her with knowing you sang the lead in the church choir when you were younger or that you were afraid of the dark until you were twelve–maybe.
  11. Teach her something ‘tough’. Remember when Jack taught Rose how to ‘spit like a man’ in Titanic? Yeah, we like that kind of stuff. Toughen her up a bit. She’ll think of you every time she thinks she’s going to have to pull out her ‘secret weapon’.
  12. Teach her something new. How to throw a football; how to change her oil; something she’ll find useful for years to come. 
  13. Share your thoughts with her. It’s okay to talk about your future goals, your disappointments or how stupid you think your hair looks today. She wants to know what you’re thinking. You’d be surprised at how good it will make you feel to have someone listen and care.
  14. Drop by with one of her favorites. Be on ‘dropping by status’ before you try this one on for size, but when you make the cut… show up with her favorite candy, flowers, juice, etc. and watch what kind of ‘thank you’ you get! 
  15. Call her when you think about her.
  16. Call her, period.
  17. Take an occasional ‘usie’. Yes, it IS that serious. We love this taking pictures. The only thing better than taking a selfie is to take an usie.
  18. Show her off (or at least show her). Taking an ‘usie’ isn’t having people “in your business”–and if you’re having sex with her she IS “your business”, so don’t even try that excuse! Holding hands is another good way to show her you don’t mind if people know of you two.
  19. Tell her how much you like her. We can’t read your mind either. If you don’t want to lose her or want to be something more… we need to know!
  20. Tell her how good you think she looks.
    We’d much rather hear you say we’re beautiful than to read it in a text.
  21. Tell her how good you think she looks when she’s not all ‘done up’. The first thing that comes out of her mouth will probably be “Eww, I look like shxt” but on the inside she’s now feeling like the equivalent to King Bey herself.
  22. Tell her you want her.
  23. Whisper in her ear what you’re going to do to her at sexy time later tonight. 
  24. Give her a massage. A real one. Like the one she gives you. Oil is a must–candles and/or a bubble bath would be the perfect accessory. These types of foreplay lead to great sex!
  25. Go down on her first.
  26. Go down on her because you want to, not because she did you first. How many licks does it take to get to the center of her world? Here’s a hint… more than ten. Eat it like you love it, man!
  27. Tell her what makes her special. We want to hear what makes us Beyoncé and not Kelly or Michelle. Tell us the very things that set us apart from the other girls.
  28. Trust her.
  29. Protect her.
  30. Respect her.

Remember, I won’t tell her I told you. Try a few of these on and see if or how things change for the two of you! Good luck!


From me to you,