Dear Men: 8 Things She Never Wants to Hear You Say

Dear Men: 8 Things She Never Wants to Hear You Say

Dear men,

We know you won’t understand that what you’re saying is not something we want to hear… but as usual, I’m here to fill you in. There are certain things you can say that will make us want to literally stick a straw through your neck or make us break down and cry. Here they are…


“I don’t know.”

No matter what the question is, the last answer we want to hear is that you don’t know because to us, it means you didn’t even think about the question and therefore you don’t care. When we change our hairstyle or make extra efforts to be great for you… DO NOT say you don’t know if you like it or not. We need a yes or no answer from you about these things. We really care about how you think we look.

“I don’t care.”

The only thing worse than telling us you don’t know is telling us OUT LOUD that you don’t care. It’s super frustrating to us because we wouldn’t ask you the question if we didn’t want you to care. This answer can make you look like a major asshole depending on the question.

“What’s up with your friend?”

Uhm, what? We don’t EVER want to hook you up with our friends. If you want to talk to her, then go over there and do just that. Asking us to “put in a good word for you” is in the same boat. Call it what you want, but we don’t wanna hear you say it.

“Why do you have on all that makeup?”

We have it on because it makes us look and feel good. No, we don’t need it… but we like it. We understand that you love us in our natural state, but just think of it as an enhancer. We’re not wearing it because we feel ugly without it, we just KNOW we look amazing with it!

“Is that what you’re wearing?”

First of all, it probably took her about an hour or two to get extra sexy for wherever it is you two are going and as she comes out of the room feeling like a million dollars, you steal her glorious feeling by asking if that is what she is choosing to wear. Now, it’s totally fine to not like it, but don’t question it… just let her know how you feel about it–ESPECIALLY if you love what she has on. Tell her how sexy she looks. We need to hear these things.

Almost anything you can say about another woman.

Yes, we know you can’t help your eyes… we know that no matter who we think we are there is always someone who looks better than us, but we DO NOT want to hear you point that out. Yes, most women will say they don’t care if their guy compliments another female, but don’t get carried away. We don’t want you pointing out all her ‘one ups’ on us.

That you just want to be friends.

This is another one of those things that we women say we can handle, but in all reality, it hurts. We generally figure out way early on whether or not we “like-like” you and as soon as we do figure that out, we’re doing everything we can to make sure the feeling is mutual. So for you to come out and say that you just want to be friends–dagger through our heart. Seriously. Nevertheless, I’d much rather you go ahead and tell me that than to lead me on, so kudos to you if you’re man enough to let her know how you feel.

That you’re not ready for commitment.

Just like saying you just want to be friends, this is a dagger through the heart of the woman who has been being faithful to you in hopes of some long-term commitment between the two of you. When you say you’re not ready for commitment all we hear is that we’ve wasted our time and we’re not good enough for you. Again, this is one of those things though that although it hurts to hear, it needs to be said if that’s truly the way you feel.


From me to you fellas,