Dear Men: If You’re Not Asleep… She Could Probably Do Better.

Dear Men: If You’re Not Asleep… She Could Probably Do Better.


Dear Men,

That’s right, you heard me… If you don’t look anything like the picture above after sex, I’m here to tell you that (between the two of you) someone’s gotta do better–but why not let it be your lady?

As you know, I’m always here to be truthful with you, but only from my own personal experiences and perspectives in daily life. For me personally, I’m not satisfied until my partner is sound asleep after sexy time. I usually hate snoring–it’s actually one of my biggest pet peeves–but during this time, it’s music to my ears. Nothing leaves me feeling like I “put in work” like that #instantsleep afterwards. I like for my partner to be laid out on my chest with the ‘damn, that was amazing’ face on in his sleep. There are some women who are offended by the act, but the Scorpio in me wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re used to this then great, but if you’re not… take it from me, you’re definitely missing out.

Now, I understand that as the masculine figure you may feel like it’s supposed to be your duty to put her to sleep, but there’s nothing wrong with expecting a little effort from your lady. That means fellatio, foreplay, and plenty of positioning–and here’s the catch–that she is initiating. Don’t allow us to just be a board in bed. As a matter of fact, I advise you to test her. The next time you all make time to play, let her know that you’re leaving the entire experience up to her to “do as she pleases” and see what she’s got. Hopefully you don’t end up disappointed, keep in mind that if she isn’t a beast this is a possibility, but have an open mind and learn something new about your partner. It’s likely to shock the hell out of you and to increase her sex drive once she reaps the satisfaction made possible by completely satisfying you.

Sleep after sex is great. Get into it. Sweet dreams, mister.

From me to you,