TGC Talks ‘B.L.O.G.’ with #RawTalent, Dion Garrett

TGC Talks ‘B.L.O.G.’ with #RawTalent, Dion Garrett

There’s a divine softness I’ve grown for today’s #RawTalent in such a short amount of time! This aspiring artists willingness to be great is everything! Everybody, meet Dion Garrett of Virginia Beach, VA. This talented artist originated from Syracuse, NY but hails from Winston-Salem, NC. Dion serves our country as a United States Army soldier and believe it or not, met my best friend Chrys at his duty station when he joined. Alongside Jay Woods, Chrys and Jay came together as November 34th to musically produce B.L.O.G. and boy are we in for a treat with these three! Dive into this amazingly inspiring interview and learn more about Dion’s life, musical interests, inspirations and of course, his relationship with the production duo, November 34th and his new EP Bottom Level of Greatness (B.L.O.G.)! Let’s get into it! 


Who is Dion Garrett in ten words or less? Dion Garrett is a soldier with a dream of music.”

When did you decide to pursuit your musical career? What was it like making such a life-altering decision like that for you? “I always knew I wanted to pursue music, but I really didn’t know a route to take when it came to ‘pursuing music’. So when I met Sims and Woods, it was really easy for me to transition into the mindset to actually do this. That being, they wanted to be just as bad as I did. They wanted people to hear their sound the way I wanted people to hear my words.  So, it really wasn’t life altering at all, it was more like the billing because I got an opportunity to do what I wanted to do and it kind of fell in my lap.”

Congratulations on the release of B.L.O.G.! Are any of the songs based on a real-life experience? If so, which tracks and what are the events (if you’re comfortable sharing)? “Thank you. Actually, every song on blog is literally something that happened in my life–but “Get my Girl Back” especially, only because that was a more recent situation, he laughs. You know when the situation was over, it was really bitter for me… and when I actually found out who she was dating I was even more bitter a while back. So when you know I’ve got this song it was easy for me to put that into perspective for everyone who had questions of what happened or you know how we were living at the time because we really didn’t have any furniture. We really only had a TV stand and headboard at one point–like, we had nothing in the apartment. So you know going through that with someone and then breaking up… it was almost like ‘really?’ I shouldn’t even have dealt with it. But everything on the whole EP is a life situation… everything down to Sims on “The Truth” track.”


We learned that ‘Get My Girl Back’ was produced and arranged by Chrys Sims, who is a part of November 34th who we’re aware produced B.L.O.G., tell us a little about that collaboration: “This guy Sims. When I first met him I swore that he reminded me of Drake because he swore he was the prettiest thing walking in the United States Army uniform… but when he sent me the track and I heard it, I instantly knew that I was going Safari in love with it. Only because it was so… I don’t know–like, the way words speak to people when they hear music, melodies speak to the artist when we hear a beat. So, when I heard the beat I was like ‘wow, I will have this back to you today because I can kill this…’ and I did just that. It’s my favorite track on the whole EP.”

Who or what makes up your ‘morning music’? “My morning music is usually feel good music. I am a morning person so I love to hear music that’s going to promote feeling some type of way, I guess. So, that could be Rick Ross, Rich Homie Quan, all the way to Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams, or I’ll take it to John legend, Tyrese, my favorite actor-comedian-singer trio Jamie Foxx, Missy Elliott, absolutely Justin Timberlake. I love country too–don’t get me started listening to Zack Brown band or something… but I love music that is feel good music with actual words and actually meaning.”


What does Dion Garrett bring to the music industry that sets the you apart from other musical artists? “What do I bring to the table? That is such a hard question only because everyone knows the right thing to say… but I bring music that makes you feel again; music that makes you miss somebody you thought you forgot about. I’m not saying it’s always going to be a good thing, he laughs, but I guarantee if my music doesn’t draw some type of emotion out of you then pigs can fly! That’s my whole motive behind blog because that’s what you do with a blog… you write down your feelings. That’s exactly what I do with my music; that’s why it’s so easy to relate to. People hear my music and they can relate to it. That’s the number one thing that I bring to the table.”

When I say the word ‘music’, where does your mind go from there? “When you say music I think life. I think me. I am music. That’s what I was put on this earth to do, give music to people. Touch people with music.”


Where do you draw inspiration from? As a creative individual, I understand we sometimes have periods where we lack inspiration. When you’re having trouble feeling inspired, how do you overcome that obstacle? “I get inspiration from making people laugh and smile. Once in a while you get memories that never fade away. You get ones that you never forget. So when I make people smile it gives me inspiration to want to write or to hope somebody gives me inspiration to want to write. Or when I go to something personal in my life, of course that gives me inspiration to just want to get it out and just tell the world like ‘yo this happened or that happened’… to be able to share it–the good and the bad.”


We adore the concept behind B.L.O.G.! Can you share with the readers what the project is and what they can expect from it for those who have yet to hear it? “BLOG IS THE BOTTOM LEVEL OF GREATNESS. It’s knowing that the greater is yet to come. It’s knowing that being humble doesn’t necessarily mean being afraid. It means this is our starting point in even once we hit the finish line we should never be satisfied… because the finish line is only one race and until you win every race you’re not done. Blog is for those who feel like, ‘man I’m at the bottom right now, how do I come up?’ The ones who don’t know how great they really are; The ones who don’t really understand how influential they really are; And the only reason I can say this is because I was lame–I think I am still lame. I’m not sure because I have a couple followers on Twitter and Instagram now… but, I never would’ve dreamed that so many people would like my music, that I would have 2000 plays in a week, or 400 new followers in a week. It’s the starting point; it’s where you have to remember where you came from.”

What has been the highlight of your journey as a musical artist so far? What has been the most difficult? “The highlight of the whole thing for me is when someone tells me that they love my music or that they listened to my music and really enjoyed it. Like, that for me makes me feel like a kid again every single time. It’s like you always want someone to feel proud of you–I don’t care who you are–you always want someone to like the things you do, regardless of your age and how confident you are. So, when someone tells me that my music did that for them it is the best… That’s probably been the best so far.

Now, getting people to listen… that’s a whole different story and is definitely the hardest part of the journey thus far because I have to market myself. I have to do it myself, with my team… the three of us. So obviously, I appreciate everyone who gives a shoutout or tells their friends to listen… but it’s hard to get new people to listen to new artists only because everyone is a “rapper” these days so…yeah.” he laughs.


There are so many individuals in our generation who have a passion for the arts, but don’t quite have the push or confidence to really pursue their dreams. Do you have any words of encouragement for individuals who have a dream similar to that of your own? “What is a casket full of dreams worth? What did you leave behind so that someone can hear your voice or see your name and know it’s you? What is your legacy? Did you leave behind a memory for those who will miss you?  I need to be able to leave something where my mama, my brother, my friends can miss me and hear my voice. I need to be able to write something that will impact somebody’s life and let them know that they aren’t the only ones that this happened to… or when they hit the club, I feel like that too. I get time to write with you… from thousands of miles away if that’s the case–but what is it worth, having a dream and not chasing your dream?”

Are there any upcoming projects we can get excited about? “Absolutely, blog number two is definitely on the way. Look forward to it being here before October. There is no set date, but it is coming and it will be the new standard.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share with TGC Readers? “Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the column and letting me share my experiences so far. It’s seriously dope!! I just want to thank everybody for their help. Thank everybody who has supported so far. Thank Jay for even telling me that I need to do this again and then Chrys for coming behind Jay and letting me know that this was part of my calling in life. My big brother–my blood big brother, Christopher Garrett, that’s my dog… my heart. All of my followers on Instagram supporting me and my followers on Twitter supporting me. All of my friends on Facebook who shared my freestyle videos before I was posting music. It’s never easy trying to chase a dream that you don’t know won’t turn into a nightmare, but to be able to chase it and it be a fairytale is everything that I wanted to be right now and I thank everybody who supports that. Good mood’s. Good vibes. Blog. Bottom level of greatness. It’s a movement, get with the Bottom Level Of Greatness.”

If you aren’t the least bit captivated by the way Dion Garrett thinks and his courage to follow his dreams, we’re confident that his lyricism will truly win you over. We’re so glad to have been able to share this #RawTalent with you! Keep up with Dion Garrett and his music via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and be sure to listen to his amazing new EP, B.L.O.G., right now from SoundCloud: