Dear Dreamer, If You Wanna Be Somebody… ACT LIKE IT.

Dear Dreamer, If You Wanna Be Somebody… ACT LIKE IT.

Dear dreamer,

I’ve found that one of the most difficult things about turning your dream into a reality is getting the people who knew you before the dream to look at you in a new light. I can’t imagine that people still do it to stars like Chris Brown, for example, but I’m sure when he first started pursuing his musical career many of the people who knew him just saw him as “Chris from VA” until he hit the television screen.

Unfortunately for us (the dreamchasers), we have to fight ten times as hard to get the people we know to support us and change the way they see us before we ‘make it’. We have to spend our time explaining to the people who know us why we’ve decided to pursue our dream and furthermore convince them that not only do we believe we’re going to be successful, but that they should too. It’s never as hard to get people who do not know you to believe in your dream. If you meet someone new and show them your work and tell them your title, from that point on that’s who they know you to be. It makes me question why it’s so difficult for the people closest to us to do that.

So, as I sit here trying to hash out this article it’s hitting me more and more… just as the title says, if we want to be somebody… WE MUST ACT LIKE IT. Consistency is key. Now, I’m not saying go out and act too large for life, but if you’re an aspiring artist, model, singer–whatever… see yourself and more importantly CARRY YOURSELF as just that. If you think it, believe it, and BE  it, I’m certain others will have no other choice but to follow suit.

I say this to all of us dreamers, hard work pays off. Do not consider yourself anything but what you wish to be. In all that you do, let it be in efforts to achieve that main goal. Think of yourself as a credible being in whatever field it is you’re trying to be in. Do not leave room for doubt, from you or anyone else. SEE THE BIG PICTURE ALWAYS. Share your story with as many people as possible. Share your work with as many people as possible. It’s an inevitable plan. Say it to yourself everyday… “I am a _________.” Believe that statement.

We got this.


Peace, love, and light, dear dreamer. I’m your greatest supporter. Forever and always.