Fashion Speaks LOUD

Fashion Speaks LOUD


Have you ever found an item that immediately inspired you in a way that you didn’t expect? Well, I have! I was browsing a local Forever21 store and laid my eyes on a navy military style anorak jacket and decided that I had to have it! After purchasing it and bringing it home, I began to write. It was like an affirmation to not be sorry for who I am. I mean let’s face it–we are all different, but sometimes the mental urge to reflect on whether or not you’re too different plagues your heart.

I actually bought this jacket during a transitional period of my life where I was making some very radical decisions–decisions that were extremely hard to make at times. You know those decisions that you know you need to make, but find yourself repeatedly questioning it after you make them. Yes, those! But this jacket reminded me to not apologize for doing what was best for me!

In essence, I want to encourage you to do the same! Be YOU! The best you! Always remain open minded because you’re going to need some tweaking along the way… after all we all do! We aren’t perfect! Be sure to stay true to YOU! It’s crazy how one clothing item inspired me SO greatly! It reaffirmed that there’s more to fashion than just fashion! Think about it! Therefore, I created a few daily affirmations inspired by me purchasing this jacket and I’m urging you to do the same!


I AM NOT SORRY for not fitting inside of the box that you built for me! I am unapologetically proud of seeking to uphold integrity, morality and truth even when it’s the road less traveled.


I am NOT sorry for letting go of things that seek to suffocate my joy! And I vow to smile through every storm, cry when necessary, but allow my tears to water the seeds of greatness that resistance plants! I must remember that I don’t have to be perfect, just willing; and to seize every opportunity to enhance my personal growth.

SONY DSCI am NOT sorry for turning my back on all the past things that have kept my mind and heart held captive. Severing the walls of fear and comfort. I will not refrain from experiencing the beauty of life because of the fear of disappointment.

SONY DSCI am NOT sorry for not being afraid to walk alone.  Some journeys must be taken in solitude to filter out the comfort of affirmation. Sometimes there is no room to afford the opportunity of the perceptions and opinions of others.

SONY DSCI am NOT sorry for walking away from the person that was too afraid to live out her dreams because she was too afraid to fail. I accept the fact that sometimes failure constitutes growth and builds the necessary character to sustain me in a self absorbed world! Knowing that a faith that has not been tested is a faith that can not be trusted.

Until next time,