Business & Pleasure: How to Date an Entrepreneur


First things first, it ain’t for everybody.

It takes a real special type of person to date a dreamer. Although the title says entrepreneur, I believe it really starts with a dreamer. If you’re lucky, you will catch them before their entrepreneurial journey begins–that’s even more special. In my opinion, if you are capable of building a relationship with an entrepreneur, that says a lot about who you are as a person because this type of relationship requires even more work than a ‘regular’ relationship. Don’t believe me? Let me break down what it’s like to date an entrepreneur.

To date an entrepreneur…

Be confident.

In order to date an entrepreneur, you need to be confident. An entrepreneur is going to encounter new people and develop relationships with their fans and customers. For some, this can be an overwhelming feeling. You have to be confident enough to share your Significant Other with other people. Although it is a different type of relationship that their building with their customers and other business professionals, building rapport and lasting relationships is a very important part of becoming a successful entrepreneur. You don’t want your insecurities to become a hindrance to their progress. If you know you’re not comfortable with allowing your SO to build these types of relationships and still trust that their faithful to you–I don’t suggest that you date an entrepreneur.

Be interested.

In order to date an entrepreneur, it might be beneficial for you to be remotely interested in entrepreneurship and the lifestyle of an entrepreneur. I think more often than not people forget this part of pursuing a relationship with an entrepreneur. If you’re not attracted to the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, why would you date one? An entrepreneur works long hours (especially if they still have a day job to fund their entrepreneurial journey). An entrepreneur is always looking for fresh ideas which, in turn, requires a lot of time researching, networking, and connecting with other entrepreneurs and businesses. An entrepreneur believes in their craft more than anyone in the world, it’s their baby. They are willing to invest their last dime in their dream. Would you be okay with that? This isn’t all that comes with the lifestyle, but if you plan to date an entrepreneur you should definitely consider these things.

Be supportive.

This piggybacks off the last point. In order to date an entrepreneur, you want to be interested in the lifestyle of an entrepreneur and you want to be supportive of the endeavor your SO is making. This means accepting what comes with the lifestyle and showing your SO that you’re ‘down for the cause.’ It means helping them in whatever ways you can (even if the way to help is staying out-of-the-way for a few hours a day). It means helping them come up with ideas or introducing them to other entrepreneurs. It means investing in their business or brand. It means acknowledging all the hard work and effort they are putting forward. It means a lot of different things, but ultimately it is the decision to be dedicated to showing them that you believe in them and what they’re doing.  This is so important if you’re going to date an entrepreneur.

Be creative.

In order to date an entrepreneur you have to be creative in all areas. An entrepreneur is a boss. They are running the show constantly when it comes to achieving their dreams. In order to get them to step away from that dream and take a quick break for fun, you’re going to have to get creative and make it appealing. When you’re dating someone as passionate as most entrepreneurs are known to be, you want to make sure that you give them good reason to voluntarily make time for date nights, eating together, and sex. Yes, it is extremely important that you make sure you keep the sex life healthy within your relationship. Having great sex is a huge help to entrepreneurs because it has the ability to stimulate the creative process, relieve stress, and it’s a great way to take a break from work! When you date an entrepreneur, you want to make them feel encouraged to balance their work life and their relationship.

Be flexible.

While it is important to be creative in encouraging your SO to take a step away from building their empire, it is important to be flexible. You have to understand that dinner plans might end up being pushed back or that an early morning coffee together is just as good as going to lunch together. When you’re running a business on your own, your schedule doesn’t always stay the same. Tasks take longer to complete and truthfully you just can’t do a lot more than ball park how much time it takes to get things done. Try not to get upset when plans change. I don’t think you should allow plans to get cancelled, but be open to things being rescheduled or sporadic at times. I’ve found that planning things that don’t involve set times like movies or dinner reservations work best. Also, don’t hesitate to plan nights inside. When you date an entrepreneur you’ll see that not every date needs to be done out somewhere.

Be proud.

Dating an entrepreneur takes confidence, as we talked about earlier. Be proud of your SO. Share their journey with as many people as you can. Share their work on your social media accounts. Be front row at all of their events (even if there are only three people there). Verbally assure them that you are proud of them. Don’t underestimate how important it is that you are verbally acknowledging how proud you are of them because although showing support is important, we need to hear words of affirmation from our SO.

Be a fan.

It goes without saying that if you’re going to date an entrepreneur, you should be one of their biggest fans. Don’t wait until they make it to be a huge fan of their craft because that’s how you’re liable to get left behind. Trust the process and fall in love with them and what they are accomplishing. Look at J. Cole, he married his college sweetheart and we didn’t even know about it until a year later. I’m sure neither one of them thought he’d be where he is now and he’s not even close to where he is going to be. Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Cory Hardrict are also an example of entrepreneurial love. Although Tia was well-established in her industry her husband was still an aspiring actor when they met. She believed in him and stood by him and he finally became a well-established actor as well.

As I said earlier, it ain’t for everybody, but the entrepreneur is a very passionate being. The entrepreneur needs a dedicated partner. Do you have what it takes?

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