How To Master Productivity In 4 Easy Steps


We all have sh*t we need to get done…

Productivity, for most, sort of comes and goes. Some days you’re getting sh*t done left and right, but other days you sit down and 8 hours passes by without you having accomplished anything. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Not to worry though, I have done my research and I narrowed down many of those super long lists on productivity circulating the internet into only 4 things you need to know in order to master productivity. So, let’s get into it!

Determine whether you’re an early bird or a night owl.

First things first, you need to decide whether or not you’re a morning person. Not everyone is. It’s okay to recognize that your productivity increases during the time that everyone else is asleep. I am the same way. It’s also okay to recognize that your productivity increases starting at 5 AM. Whichever time frame is best for you, embrace it. Plan to be as productive as you can during these hours.

In many of the posts on productivity online, you will see a number of them telling you to plan out, write out, and turn off a bunch of stuff; however, I find that if you’re working during your ideal productivity time, you will be as productive as you want to be regardless of whether or not your phone is off or if you’ve written down an entire plan. I do recommend creating a to-do list, but that is all you need in my opinion. This does depend on your ability to focus though. With consistency, you’ll reach this point for sure.

Determine what drives you to be most productive.

In other words, what lights a fire under your ass to achieve your goals? I practice being productive often so now it doesn’t take a whole lot to keep me going, but my daughter has definitely increased my desire to be productive and achieve my goals. I also enjoy reading and hearing about other entrepreneurs success stories, which also excites me about my own journey and achievements.

Determine what things drive your productivity and use that to motivate you daily. I write down certain quotes that motivate me and I put them around my computer so that I see them every time I sit to work and write. I also keep motivated people in my circle of friends. I keep friends who are already succeeding in their business endeavors, as well as friends who are just starting out. Those are things that drive me to keep going. They may not be the same for you, but determine what drives your productivity and keep it in your eyesight as often as you can. You’re sure to be productive with constant motivation and reminders around to keep you going strong!

Determine what atmosphere allows you to be most productive.

I usually have to have my music playing softly in the background–unless I’m reading out loud. I often like some type of dull roar in the background, so if I don’t choose to write at home, I’ll often go to a coffee shop, and before I had my daughter, a restaurant bar during happy hour. Determine what influences your mood when you’re feeling most productive and make sure you have those things around when you sit down to get things done. If it’s a certain type of music or certain place, make sure you take advantage of that.

Being in the right mood is essential to being able to be productive. Being productive should feel good, not stressful. You shouldn’t feel pressed about being productive. If you do, then you’re not doing the right type of work. I’m just saying. If you’re forcefully being productive it is very easy to become distracted, but when you’re being productive and feeling great about it, you’re a lot less likely to succumb to outside distractions.

Have a drink and let your creativity flow.

There’s been some research on the influence of alcohol and coffee on creativity, but I believe this because it works for me. Before I actually Googled it, I almost always worked with a glass of wine, a wells drink, or a coffee–depending on what time and where I was working from. Keep in mind that I work for myself, so I wasn’t walking into anybody’s office after drinking–I’m not suggesting that you do that either. Just to be clear. I do, however, feel like have a beverage of any kind stimulates the thought and creative processes. Even if it’s just a form of ‘mental feel-good’ I believe it helps!

The alcohol study says that a specific amount of alcohol allows you to basically get out of your own way and think more creatively than your mind would have allowed without the influence of alcohol. With caffeine, of course, it’s said to boost your energy and alertness which, in turn, can increase your creative ability as well. Whether or not those studies give a set-in-stone answer to whether or not they truly do increase your creativity–based on my personal experience–a beverage can help you to relax and work calmly through your task at hand.

What ways do you master productivity? Share in a comment below!

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