PODCAST: Is There Any Real Potential in Online Dating?


As a writer, I connect with hundreds of people a year that I don’t know at all. Through social media engagement, I have the opportunity of getting to know my readers a lot better when they reach out to me or vice versa. I am an avid believer in connecting with like souls and I don’t think the only place one can do that is in a bar–and let’s face it… hot guys don’t really go to Barnes & Noble to get hit on, trust me. Sometimes getting to know someone online is the best plan for a person who doesn’t have the time or interest in going out to meet a potential mate. Online dating is such a misleading term because you’re not really dating online, you’re simply introducing yourself and getting to know someone online and later possibly meeting up in-person to further the communication. Are we hindering our chances of really trying all options if we’re not willing to try meeting people online as well?

Piggybacking off of How to Properly Slide into Her DMs, our first podcast of the year dissects online dating and whether or not there is any real potential in it. I fully support the efforts of meeting people online and I explain all of the reasons why. Have you ever tried online dating? Do you think there is any potential in it at all? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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