Local Artist Spotlight with Kxng Solo: “Bottom of the Cooler”

Nothing makes me more proud than being able to share the light and passion of artists that are from the same place that I am (and just to be clear, we’ve got a lot of that in the works)! For now though, I’d like to share the light of Stevie Berry, better known as King Solomon or “Kxng Solo,” for short. Kxng Solo is a multi-talented hip-hop artist and musician hailing right here from the good ole 7-0-6, Augusta, Ga.

We’re going to do our best to get an in-person exclusive interview with the Kxng, so we won’t go to much further into detail about him just yet. For now, just sit back and enjoy this AMAZING track from the talented songwriter and artist, “Bottom of the Cooler.”

It’s dope. It’s relaxing. Quite frankly… it’s the shxt.

Be sure to visit kxngsolo.com to connect with the artist and to stay in tune with all of his latest music.

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