Learning to Love Self First


This week’s post will not focus on outer beauty, instead ladies I want us all to focus on inner beauty and self-worth. Everywhere in today’s world, no matter where we turn, we are being challenged with self-acceptance. I’m taking the time to write about this because it is an issue that is plaguing our media, our thoughts, and more importantly our minds. Without self-love all the products, clothes, shoes and makeup doesn’t mean a thing.

As a 24 year old young woman, my thoughts seem to take over much of my time. Of course I try to focus on all positivity and only uplifting things, however, that’s not life. Being human, sometimes your thoughts are a reflection of everyday reality. The world creates this image of what a REAL woman is or what a REAL woman should look like, just poisoning the thoughts that we have about ourselves.

In this beauty-obsessed culture when we open a magazine, use a social media app, or watch TV we see the medias perception of what the acceptable woman is and should be. So, have I fell victim to this crap? Yes I have, sad to say. Questioning myself, wondering if I am enough… Should I wear this or do that? …and then I woke up!

What is inner beauty? Inner Beauty is a reflection of the real you! Something that is timeless and sincere. No one can take away your inner beauty because it is something that is genuinely you, a reflection of your unique personality. A lot of women don’t know or have inner beauty and that results in low standards, poor choices, and a broken soul. Let’s all challenge ourselves to work on our beauty from the inside and out!

The dictionary defines self-worth as “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.” Ladies we have to know our self-worth, so we won’t settle for less!  It’s so important that we know who we are from the inside out, to prevent anyone from telling us who they envision we are. Do you value yourself?

Ladies, I hope this opens your eyes and mind to understand that we are all at a defining point in our lives, wondering what’s next. On this journey to success, we have to know who we are and be sure of our self-worth from the inside in order to radiate beauty and success on the outside.

Until next week loves,


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