Living Naturally: David the Freeformer

As you may have noticed via Instagram, I’ve pretty much become obsessed with freeform locs. I was lucky enough to connect with a freeformer that I discovered on YouTube and interview him about his amazingly freeformed locs. Meet David, family. Isn’t his hair incredible?!


David is a 21 year old freeformer and vegan who was born and raised in Washington D.C. I first learned of David from a video on his YouTube channel about how freeform locs are not very accepted  in society. Check out his exclusive interview with Goddess Isis:

Freeforming is not very accepted or popular. You only see a few people doing it. Really and truly, natural hair just became accepted not too long ago. We even used to be criticized for that,” David began. How long have you been freeforming? “I’ve been freeforming close to 4 years now.” Did you wear your hair naturally before freeforming or did you start with a low haircut? “Well, before I started freeforming I used to wear braids or an afro.”

You were saying in the video above that your hair isn’t that accepted in society. What motivated you to begin freeforming in the first place? “At first, I just started because, you see, my hair is not really meant to be combed or brushed. I break combs and picks and things when I try to comb it–and twisting it just hurt, so I just started to let it grow. Then, after that, it became more of a spiritual decision for me because it made me look within myself. I had to deal with other people and still maintain my level of accepting myself.”


I’m kind of in that place right now with my hair not so much as breaking combs and things, but just wanting to let her be free and grow. Since I’ve decided to just let her do her thing, I’ve gotten the some not-so-positive comments and feedback as well. What was the most appalling reaction you’ve gotten from your hair? “I’ve been in situations where groups of people have threatened me with physical violence. I mean, I don’t live in the best of areas so you have that around here. There are certain groups of people who go around terrorizing people all the time, but you know, my hair makes me stand out so I run in to that on occasions.”


I think the good thing is knowing that there are people who are still inspired in free forming. I think it’s great that you’ve allowed yourself to stick with it no matter the negativity coming up against you. You can tell that you are just very passionate about who you are. Do you have any words of encouragement for the readers who may be considering freeforming? “Before I had my freeforms, people would ask me all the time why I wore my hair the way I did, which I always found crazy because it’s just the way it is supposed to be. I was just trying to get back to myself and my true nature. That’s what freeforming is all about.” Has it changed any significant parts of your lifestyle?  “With my decision to freeform, not really–but I have been wanting to get free in other forms of my life. I want to get back to my ancestory and not have to depend on others to provide the things that I need in my life like food, shelter, and water. I want to get back to my heritage and who I was before colonization.”


What plans do you have for the near future? “I want to do something with environmental sustainability. I love nature. I’m not sure what exactly right yet, but I know I want to work in nature.” What makes you want to work in nature? “I like to do physical things and stay active. I don’t really like to think of having to work inside behind a desk. The only way I can see myself is working with life and trees and nature.” Does the way you wear your hair influence what you may be wanting to do with your life? “Since I’ve been freeforming I’ve been letting a lot of things go that don’t really serve me. Religious beliefs and things that go towards the ego… material items and a lot of that stuff. I used to be into that a long time ago, but the more I accept myself the less that is appealing to me. When I was younger I used to think I should have straighter hair like other people, but freeforming has saved me and helped me to see me.”


Will you be freeforming for ever or are there any reasons why you may cut it? “I don’t foresee me cutting my hair and I don’t really plan on cutting my hair in the future, but I just want it to grow chest length so I may trim it from time to time.”

What are your views on people who loc their children’s hair as soon as they’re old enough to? As long as it’s their natural hair and it’s doing what it’s naturally meant to do then I don’t really see much wrong with it.”

Overall with your hair not being ‘accepted’ in society, have you had any responses to your hair that  made you feel proud? “I don’t really see anything wrong with people wanting to touch my hair because it’s something that they’re not used to. A lot of my younger cousins [toddlers], they are fascinated that my hair is able to do what it does and I’m the only person they know with hair like this. It opens them up to the possibilities and motivates them to go toward different avenues and learn more about natural hair.”


How do you take care of them? “I just wash them with black soap or sometimes I just use regular tea. Tea is a great rinse. It cleanses really well.” How did you start your freeforms? When I first started I had the regular locs then I combed them out and made bigger sections. I restarted them myself and eventually once they grew longer I just cut the tips off and they just grew from there.”


My favorite thing about freeforming and what I’ve learned from researching them is their beauty and uniqueness. I don’t think anyone’s freeforms are exactly the same. What made you start youtubing about freeforming? “I watched freeform videos for a while when I first started and I just later decided to document my own journey so that others would know that there is another freeformer out there.”

So freeformers and freeform-lovers, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed learning more about David as much as we did here at TGC! Continue to follow David’s journey via Instagram and YouTube.