Marathon Runner Mentality: How to Endure the Hard Times


We have all had those days where we are just tired–really tired, from all that life throws at us. Disappointments can quickly get us depressed, failures can quickly cause fatigue, and shortcomings can quickly bring on stress. Failed relationships. Unreached goals. Stress at work. Financial burdens. Family issues. The list can go on! Although no one ever promised life would be easy, there is a way to move past rough moments in life by having a marathon runner mentality. We’ve often heard the cliché that the race is not given to the swift, but to the one that endures. So here are three ways to have the mentality of a marathoner so that you can reach all of your finish lines in life.

Run Your Own Race!

A marathon runner is not concerned with any other runners. Running a marathon means running, walking, and even resting at your own pace. Don’t become so concerned with someone else’s race that you can’t run your own!

Have A Cheer Squad!

Marathon runners, unlike sprinters, will cheer other runners on, stop to assist you if you should fall down, and cheer on other runners as they cross the finish line. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to keep going, no matter if they are behind or in front of you in their own race. Have supporters that aren’t so focused on only the things they have going on that they cannot rest from their own race to help you up, should you stumble. Your circle should have time to speak positive words to you, check on you, and pray for you. Also, your supporters should be cheering the loudest for you when you cross your finish lines in life. If your friends already have children, cars, homes, spouses, degrees, etc., they should still cheer for you when you achieve those goals.

Keep Going!

Do not give up! Whatever goals you are pursuing in life, DO NOT GIVE UP! I repeated it for a reason. Pace yourself by giving yourself time to reach your goals. Forgive yourself by resting and knowing that it is okay to rest if you have to. Just don’t rest longer than you have to. Reach for Gatorade when you need it, meaning replenish yourself when you have worked hard. Walk when you need to walk. Slow down if you need to slow down, but keep going. You will reach your goals if you just keep going!


So, what goals are you currently pursuing in life? What phase of the marathon are you in? Are you just starting off fully energized? Are you nearing a point where you need to rest? Have you crossed one finish line and cheering on a friend as she crosses? Let us know! We’d love to know what finish lines you are striving towards and where you are in the journeY so that we may encourage you!

As always,

Peace & blessings.

-E’Licia “Skittlesz” Nash

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