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My Flower has finally blossomed. My little girl is finally here. She turned a week old Wednesday and it’s truly been the most exciting, exhausting, meaningful week of my life. It is miraculous how much having a baby changes your life. At the time I could only speak on how much your life changes when you find out you’re pregnant, but now I know that isn’t even comparable to how your life changes when your little blessing finally arrives. I am so excited about sharing our journey with you.. So, let’s get into it!

My Birth Story

As I anxiously approached my due date, I could not contain how excited I was to meet my baby girl. I had done such a good job of being patient, but naturally I got so excited as I inched closer and closer to the big day. Sure, I knew that it was just a guesstimate, but that didn’t stop me from believing that I’d meet my baby girl by then. The 22nd of January finally rolled around, but no baby. Once the day came and my baby didn’t make her grand appearance, I did like most excited mothers and tried to do as many labor inducing activities as I possibly could to make sure my little girl would soon arrive. I walked. I danced. I ate spicy food. I took evening primrose oil (vaginally and orally). I tried nipple stimulation. And everything else that was safe–but nothing. The only thing that worked a little bit was the nipple stimulation, which gave me minor contractions, but they stopped soon after they started. If it’s okay to be honest, I got really discouraged. I had only dilated 1 cm the week before my due date and after all that time I hadn’t dilated anymore. Finally, my doctor decided to induce my labor on the 27th of January. I didn’t want to be induced, but he felt that I was risking even greater complications the longer I waited, so I agreed to be induced.

I could hardly sleep the night before the induction. I was nervous, excited, anxious–just a mess of emotions. I took the time awake to meditate and go to God one last time before my life would truly change forever. I arrived at the hospital just before my 7 A.M. appointment time and as I anxiously waited in the waiting room, the nurse finally called out my name. Here is my story:

Postpartum Life: Week 1


So, the picture above is my nightstand and I think it explains completely what ‘postpartum life be like’. I’m a week into motherhood and here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • We worry too much about the pain of delivery when the real beast is the pain of RECOVERY.
  • The amount of blood involved in child birth and recovery is literally unbelievable.
  • Take the time away from work and any other distractions (other children not included) while you get the first opportunity to bond with your baby.
  • Coffee is still the beautiful substance I knew it to be before I had to stop drinking it for Baby Harper.
  • Breastfeeding is such a special experience for the two of you–BUT it can be painful when getting used to.
  • Nipple butter is life.
  • Sleep is precious. Get you some.
  • It’s okay to be selfish with your baby. It’s your first time getting to meet him/her too!
  • If you’re breastfeeding, stay hydrated and eat when you’re hungry. You can worry about losing weight later.
  • Take a little time to do things without your baby like taking a shower, having a meal, or just taking a moment to clear your head.
  • Don’t feel guilty about taking a moment away from baby. This is when it’s lovely to have grandparents or aunts and uncles around to spend time with baby while you take care of yourself.
  • Do the small things that make you feel good regularly. That way when handling baby gets a little challenging (which it will), it’s a little easier to push through and remain positive.
  • Keep close friends and family in the loop with updates and pictures.
  • It is okay not to share baby’s photo online so soon. Don’t let ANYBODY tell you otherwise.
  • Talk to baby, read to baby, sing to baby–everyday.
  • Hold your baby when you feel the need to or when they direct you to. It’s completely okay to spoil your baby in these first cherished moments of his/her life.
  • Learn as much about your baby as often as you possibly can.
  • Be patient with your baby.
  • Take into consideration the advice of other mommies, but do research for yourself. They don’t print those huge motherhood books for them not to be read.
  • Build a relationship with your pediatrician the moment you choose them. This person is taking care of your baby’s health!
  • Love on your baby as often as you get the chance.

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