STYLE Has No Price Tag!


Periodically, I like to share some of the items that I have recently thrifted! Check out the photos below to experience a look that I created for less than $15!

I cannot tell you how excited I get when I can find items that are extremely cost conscious and can build a full outfit. It is apparent that these days there are many people who are facing financial hardships. But I want to encourage anyone who is struggling financially to visit your local thrift store and find yourself some nice things that are one of a kind. It’s ok to be aware of the fact that sometimes we have to do whatever is necessary until we get to where you want to be. Get out and  buy you something nice and forget about getting down in the dumps about not being able to buy designer clothes and shoes knowing that style has no price tag attached to it!

Trust me it’s all about taking a look, adding your personality to it, and wearing it with confidence! And just in case you’re a little confused on how to “budget shop” please see previous article Look Good & Feel GREAT: On a Budget.

Well until next time guys, Happy shopping!


Pictured below:

Top: $4.50

Shorts- $3.00

Earrings- $2.50

Belt: $1.50

Clutch- $3.00

This entire look: $14.50






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