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Spring is here and summer will be among us very soon. And I wanted to take a few moments to address a VERY IMPORTANT subject matter: TOENAILS! That’s right ladies; today’s topic is ALL about FEET (And I’m sure many men will be in total agreement with me on this one)


A nice pair of sandals is always a wardrobe must have but you must keep in mind that if you are going to wear them PLEASE ensure that your feet are well groomed. It is heart wrenching when viewing a beautiful pair of sandals with horrific feet and toenails resting inside of them. Now I understand that many of us are trying to save money and budget as much as possible, so if going to the nail salon every two weeks is not an option for you, just take a little time to stop by your local drugstore, Wal-Mart, etc. to pick up a few necessary items and take care of your feet at home! Below you will find out just how to turn your home into a beautiful tranquil nail salon to get this accomplished:

What You Will Need:

  • Nail Polish Remover & Cotton Pads
  • Nail Clippers & File
  • Nail/Cuticle remover oil or cream
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Pumice Stone & Exfoliating Scrub
  • Moisturizer
  • Nail Polish

1. Remove Old Nail Polish
 – Be sure to get all traces of any previous polish. Nail polish remover that contains acetone tends to work very well

2. Soak Your Feet - The perfect time for a pedicure is right after a bath or shower, however you can still soften your skin in no time. Just fill a basin (Or you can buy a really inexpensive foot bath) with warm (not hot) water. If you would like you can add Epson salt, and/or foot soak. Be sure to pat dry before the next step.

3. Remove Dead Skin - 
I would not advise anyone at home to use any type of razor blade (some things just need to be left to the professionals). However, a pumice stone will work wonders if you pair it with an exfoliating cream. Pay special attention to rough heels and any calluses and rinse away skin when done.

4. Clip and Shape Nails - Really long toenails are frightening, so get yours back to a respectable length with a pair of clippers and a file–but be careful not to cut them too low!

5. Tackle Your Cuticles
 – By this, we mean for you to reach for one of those angled wooden tools and push overgrown cuticles back into place. The safest way to tackle those cuticles is purchasing a cuticle removing cream, no need to hassle with the proper way to use a cuticle nipper.

6. Moisturize
 – Slather on a coat of rich moisturizer and give your feet a mini-massage. After you’re done, wipe any excess cream before applying polish.

7. Polish
 – Choose a really nice nail color and apply two even coats to each nail.

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A few “Take Home Tips”:

1. Use cotton pads–not cotton balls or bath tissue for that matter–for tidier polish removal, as the balls and tissue tends to shred on stubborn polish.

2. When filing, move from each edge to the center (don’t zigzag a nail file back and forth) and don’t file the sides of your nails.

3. Use a Q-tip with nail polish remover to clean up any excess polish.

4. Apply a clear base coat before applying colored polish this will make removal much easier and wont stain your nails.

5. For all of my budget friendly goddesses out there, many of these items can be purchased from your neighborhood beauty supply or dollar store.

6. If you suffer from really dry feet, trying lathering your feet with Vaseline mixed with a hint of lotion and covering with socks, if you do this often coupled with exfoliating, you will see a significant difference.

Until Next Time… Muah!


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