The Veggie Project


We find so many ways to improve the way we look on the outside, but it’s really easy to forget about improving the inside. We’ve focused a lot of time encouraging you to have a healthy spirit and now we want to motivate you to have a healthy body! I’m going to make an effort (and a huge one!) to alter my eating habits and practice vegetarianism! I started saying that I would do it for two weeks, but I’ve decided to make an effort to truly make this a way of life. After researching the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, I’ve found that the sacrifice is worth much more than giving in to temptation. 

Some of you may wonder why I’ve chosen to give up meat, poultry, and fish so readily. Here are my reasons for choosing to change my diet.

  • I want to eat healthier. Simple as that. I love how delicious meat tastes, but I can’t lie–I hate having ‘the itis’. My body is a temple and I should take more consideration into the things I eat.
  • I care about animals. In doing my research I found that nearly 10 BILLION animals are slaughtered yearly for our eating desires. Heart-wrenching statistic! I’m not saying this number will decrease at all just because I’m not eating meat, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m one less reason they have to die.
  • It’s affordable. Living in NYC, it’s not hard to spend close to $30 just for food for yourself. Burgers, chicken, and anything with bacon–EXPENSIVE! I’m looking forward to lower checks from choosing soups and pastas instead of greasy burgers!
  • I HATE WORKING OUT. I’m sorry, I’m not lazy or anything, but I do not like going to the gym. I stay physically fit by doing yoga, walking, and I actually participate in practice with the cheerleaders I coach. However, it definitely doesn’t sound like a bad idea losing weight and keeping it off just by cutting meat out of your diet.

So there you have it, but outside of my personal choices for trying vegetarianism, here are other benefits I researched about changing to a meat-free diet:

  • Lowering your risk of obtaining certain diseases and cancers that are carried in certain meats
  • Building strong bones
  • Having more energy
  • Longer life
  • Maintaining healthy weight
  • Saving animals
  • Saving money
  • Living healthier