A Poor Mans’ Dream


It gets harder every day to keep moving in a direction that you’re not too sure where exactly the path is leading you. Still, when you’re determined to succeed there’s that little voice in your mind that forces you to press on. I have an undying faith in the Lord, but even in that I get weary. My fear of giving up and being taunted by the “what if?” is what kicks me in my ass every time I want to quit. I’ve had my college degree for the last 6 months and the only thing I’ve done with it is put it in a frame (that I haven’t even hung yet). 

So many people ask me constantly, “How are you liking New York?” and my response normally ends up being somewhere along the lines of “…being here has slowed me down a lot. Slowing down helped me find love and begin chasing my dreams. So that was good. As far the location goes, I hate it. The people are rude. Money is WORSHIPPED here. And everyone is so caught up in trying to impress and compete with people they’ll probably never see again instead of showing any form of humanity.” 

One day, I was sitting out on the porch with my cousin and his friend started talking about how there was no way that he could be happy if it weren’t for the money he had. Honestly, in my mind, I’m thinking ‘typical New Yorker’. But it’s not just the people in New York. I had an interview recently and one of the questions she asked was “What is your definition of success?” In a matter of seconds I blurted out “..doing something you love.” Without hesitation or thought it just spilled from my heart and I meant that. A dollar value will never define my happiness. I can have [and have had] two dollars to my name and still be the happiest, most vibrant spirit in the room because my health and happiness comes from my faith in God, the love I have for my family, and the passion I have for writing–and anything else I decide to do. 

I want you to seriously ask yourself if you could last one week without a single dollar at all (if you had all the necessities of living–food, water, shelter, and clothing)?

I’ll be honest with you, not very many of you would make it even a day. It wouldn’t be because you don’t have the things you need. It would be because by way of media and word of mouth, we have made monetary value weigh so much more than the things that truly do provide happiness. Being ‘broke’ is embarassing. Even if we had everything we need, if we can’t buy material things we aren’t satisfied.

Today’s entry is specifically for those people out there who recognize there’s more to life than a dollar sign. A dollar can’t hold you at night. A dollar can’t make a kind gesture. A dollar CANNOT buy genuine happiness. I’m living proof that the more you do something you love and share genuine care and concern with the people who build you up, the happier you will be and the more successful you are. When the devil gets the best of me (because it does happen from time to time), he has a tendency of reminding me that I don’t have an ‘ideal’ amount of money… but the minute I start typing, the second I hear a loved ones voice, and especially the millisecond I go to God I realize that I’m richer than some of the most wealthy people on the planet.

So I’ll ask you this… what is your definition of success? Does money make you happy? More importantly, if you could only choose one, what would you choose–money or happiness? Because there IS a difference.

✌️ + ❤️ good people,




Ok, the material for this entry has been screaming at me all week. I got a phone call from my good friend earlier this week and she was a little concerned that she and her boyfriend hadn’t had sex in 5 days. That may not seem like much to some of you, but keep in mind that they’ve been together for 3 years, they live together, and they usually have sex several times throughout the week–if not daily! My girl gets down. Then yesterday I was walking and talking with another friend and our conversation strolled it’s way into talk about how he takes the time to treat his woman to lingerie and how lively he keeps things in the bedroom for her. I love that! I think it’s SUPER important to keep the sex life vivid in a relationship. It’s healthy! That’s exactly what I told my girlfriend who called me about her boyfriend. I think these days we are likely to base the strength of our relationships with how good the sex is anyways so if the fire starts to die down in your relationship–my advice–say yes to ‘sexy time’. Let’s talk about sex, baby.


Now me personally, I prefer to be naked–BUT that doesn’t mean I should forget that men naturally enjoy the thrill of a woman who gets sexy just for him. I mean ladies, we are the object of their affection, but every now and then fulfill some fantasies! You’d be surprised how much improvement something as simple as wearing lingerie can bring to your sex life. I definitely suggest shopping for your personals with your significant other. A surprise is always nice, but I think it’s more important to get what they really like and want to see you in. If you insist on using the element of surprise, try to find out what his/her favorite pieces are in a casual, unsuspecting way and then a week or two later once they’ve forgotten about the casual encounter you can whip out the piece they chose. YUM.


Cops and Robbers. President and First Lady. Librarian. Nurse and patient. You name it! The options are endless when you put your imagination to it! Role playing is an excellent way to keep the fire burning in your sex life. The best part about it is that it gives both you and your partner the opportunity to stretch your minds and fulfill your wildest fantasies that otherwise might have gotten you in trouble if the opportunity ever presented itself with another person. If you have never role played before try to take things slow. Start with a simple scenario that will come naturally for the both of you so that you can really get into it. First impressions are lasting and you don’t want to leave a sour taste in your mouth about role playing just because you guys took it too far the first time. Feel comfortable asking your partner what scenarios and roles he/she would like to play. Write them down and when your out and about pick up things to help bring the scenario to life. Also, make sure the mood is right. If one of you has had a long, stressful day a bondage scenario is probably not the best alternative. Consider your partners mood at all times. It can really work in your favor if you think about it. For example, if he/she had a bad day, try playing sexy bartender for them. Fix them a couple drinks and listen to how terrible their day was, but remain in your professional ‘working’ state no matter how much they start to want you. Then as the anticipation builds and they can’t take it anymore… ATTACK! What a thrill!


It’s obvious that the more props and costumes you have the better the role playing will be. Adult novelty stores, ‘Spencers’, and lingerie stores have plenty of fun props that you can purchase to bring these scenes to life. I do understand that it can get sort of costly, but the money you would have used on a night out can be spent on a bottle of wine, a costume, and a few props for the most fun you’ve had in a long time right at home! I think every couple needs a pair of sex dice, a blindfold, and handcuffs. I mean, hello! Those are essentials. Beyond those things though, if you’re into whips and chains (yikes!) those are available too. Be creative. If they don’t have a costume for a role you’re trying to play, create it! Head to a thrift store and see what you can find! The more props the better your scenario will play out.


I’m not sure how most men feel about toys. I honestly feel that they find it a little emasculating, but I don’t think you should take it that way gents! I think of toys as props as well. I think a cute and necessary date for you and your honey should be a trip to the adult novelty store. Explore each other’s sexual drive and desires. If you don’t, you leave the opportunity around for another person to! Go to your nearest sex store and spend some time watching the things he/she likes and show them what you like. You’re likely to leave with something fun to try right away that you both will enjoy.

Don’t be embarassed to talk about these things with your partner. Be as open and honest as possible. It may be a little weird at first, but I promise it will have such a great effect on your sex life. It’s healthy for your relationship to keep the fire burning ever so brightly in bed. Start learning about your partner today! It’s an adrenaline rush! If you’re a new couple, things will probably take off full speed ahead. If you’re an older couple, depending on how open you are with each other, things could become a little weird at first finding out what your partners sexual fantasies have been all this time. Whatever you do, just make sure you are open-minded, honest, and willing to spruce things up romantically for your partner. I’m sure it will be worth it.

Lights. Camera. Action!

✌️ + ❤️ good people,


I’ll Drink To That!


You guys know I’m all about honesty. I’m never opposed to grabbing a drink whether it be at happy hour after a long day of work or while dancing the night away in Manhattan. Along with my decision to eat healthier, I did a little research on healthier alcoholic drink choices. This will be a shorter entry, but I still figured it would be a good thing to share with you! Now, it’s important to know that excess drinking is in NO way healthy. Try to take it easy when you’re having drinks. Sure it’s fun at the time, but you probably won’t be feeling too hot in the morning. Here are 5 ways to watch your calorie count while enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

  1. Choose wine. A 5 oz. glass of wine has about 100 calories in it. A normal serving of wine is normally about 4 oz.
  2. Try light beer. Although beer contains a lot of yeast and should be drank in moderation, a light beer is not as high in calories as an Ale.
  3. If you’re not big on wine, a 1.5 oz. (about a shot and a half) of your favorite liquor on the rocks also contains about 100 calories.
  4. The real calories come in with the mixers. Try diet mixers, water, tonic, or a 100% juice instead of cocktail mixes like pina colada.
  5. Try to limit your intake and switch between an alcoholic beverage and a non-alcoholic beverage.
Another important thing to remember is that you don’t HAVE to drink; you can have fun without it. Please drink responsibly. Cheers!
✌️ + ❤️ good people,


The Veggie Project


We find so many ways to improve the way we look on the outside, but it’s really easy to forget about improving the inside. We’ve focused a lot of time encouraging you to have a healthy spirit and now we want to motivate you to have a healthy body! I’m going to make an effort (and a huge one!) to alter my eating habits and practice vegetarianism! I started saying that I would do it for two weeks, but I’ve decided to make an effort to truly make this a way of life. After researching the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, I’ve found that the sacrifice is worth much more than giving in to temptation. 

Some of you may wonder why I’ve chosen to give up meat, poultry, and fish so readily. Here are my reasons for choosing to change my diet.

  • I want to eat healthier. Simple as that. I love how delicious meat tastes, but I can’t lie–I hate having ‘the itis’. My body is a temple and I should take more consideration into the things I eat.
  • I care about animals. In doing my research I found that nearly 10 BILLION animals are slaughtered yearly for our eating desires. Heart-wrenching statistic! I’m not saying this number will decrease at all just because I’m not eating meat, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m one less reason they have to die.
  • It’s affordable. Living in NYC, it’s not hard to spend close to $30 just for food for yourself. Burgers, chicken, and anything with bacon–EXPENSIVE! I’m looking forward to lower checks from choosing soups and pastas instead of greasy burgers!
  • I HATE WORKING OUT. I’m sorry, I’m not lazy or anything, but I do not like going to the gym. I stay physically fit by doing yoga, walking, and I actually participate in practice with the cheerleaders I coach. However, it definitely doesn’t sound like a bad idea losing weight and keeping it off just by cutting meat out of your diet.

So there you have it, but outside of my personal choices for trying vegetarianism, here are other benefits I researched about changing to a meat-free diet:

  • Lowering your risk of obtaining certain diseases and cancers that are carried in certain meats
  • Building strong bones
  • Having more energy
  • Longer life
  • Maintaining healthy weight
  • Saving animals
  • Saving money
  • Living healthier