TGC Interviews Radical Self-Expressionist, Akilah S. Richards 4

Remember that little appetizer we had earlier this year, Inner Little Girl, words by Akilah S. Richards? Well, she not only served us our main course of the feature, but she took the liberty of actually recording the responses to our questions. Delve into the beautiful heart and mind of this artist and radical self-expressionist, Akilah S. Richards:

I hope that as we were also able to gain so much from this amazing contribution and feature, that you too have been touched by her words.

For more information on the Radical Self-Expression June 2014 Summit in Atlanta, GA click here.


Be sure to visit Akilah and her loving community over at, learn more about her book Radical Self-Expression Manifesto, and check out the video mixtape connected to Radical Self-Expression Manifesto.

Peace and light, dear reader.