The Life of the Highly Sexual Woman


I’ve been putting this article off for years now considering what people might make of it. It takes a good bit of courage for me to write these types of pieces for you guys because old memories and the potential judgmental thoughts of others sometimes get the best of my energy. Luckily, I can say that I’m in complete control of my energy these days and I am now, as I always have been, very comfortable in my sexuality. Unfortunately, there are so many stereotypes, double standards, and wrongful judgment that come with being a highly sexual woman, but I’m going to make some of those things clear right now. So, let’s get into it shall we?!

When you’re a single highly sexual woman:

Sex can be emotional, but it doesn’t have to be.

This is arguably the most misunderstood fact about being a highly sexual woman. Sex can and most times is completely physical for the woman indulging. This isn’t only for woman who are highly sexual beings. Yes fellas, it was just sex. It’s stress relieving and therapeutic. Thanks for your time. Buh-bye now.

Masturbation is a way of life.

No shame in the masturbation game. At this point, you don’t even need the porn. A candlelit bubble bath and wine is all I need to get this party started.

Men are both intrigued and intimidated by you.

This is arguably the most frustrating fact about being a highly sexual woman. Your sexuality is astounding to them (especially if they’ve heard anything [true or false] about you), but your sexual freedom intimidates their masculinity as well. Don’t let them tell you different. It’s true. It takes a very solid man to deal with our kind.

You’re either a Sex God or a Whore in the eyes of others.

Simple as that. You can’t just be a confident woman who is comfortable with her sexuality–oh no. For most, you’re either a sex legend or a walking with a scarlet letter. The end.

All of your friends come to you for sexual how-to’s and advice.

I actually enjoy this part of being a highly sexual woman and other women like me are fond of it too. Because we’re comfortable in our sexual behaviors, it’s nice to shed a little light on why that is. For me personally, I like to educate my friends and anyone who asks me questions so that they can find their sexuality as exhilarating and enjoyable as I do.

The one-hitter-quitter.

The only thing worse than no sex at all is BAD sex. Period. You can bet your bottom dollar that you only get one shot to ‘wow’ a highly sexual woman one time. Should you disappoint, she will NOT be back for seconds. I promise.

“I fxck who I want, & fxck who I don’t.”

That’s the bottom line. It’s never as many people as others would think, but either way we don’t look at it as numbers. A highly sexual woman has the leisure of picking her partners just as carefully as she chooses her selfies. When you engage in a highly sexual woman it’s because she chose you too. Believe that!

Sex with you is an experience.

A bad report doesn’t happen often, if at all. It’s a moment of pride for us to share our sexual drive and passion with those that we choose to experience it.

There is a difference between sex and love.

Again, this is another one of those myths that will really frustrate a highly sexual woman because so many people feel that we aren’t able to connect or disconnect love and sex. Just because I am a highly sexual woman does not by any means mean that I cannot be faithfully committed to one partner.

A healthy, lasting relationship is a very possible thing.

For those of you who do identify yourselves as a highly sexual woman… do not for any reason let the judgment of others force you to believe that the previously mentioned is not true and obtainable.


When you’re a highly sexual woman in a relationship:

Nothing hurts like “not now, babe.”

At this point in the life of a highly sexual woman, her desire for her partner burns passionately… pretty much all the time. Now, it’s no mystery that her urge to make love will be stronger than her partners, but that doesn’t make the rejection for fun-time hurt any less.

Multiple times a day is not me being spoiled, it’s exercise!

Again, when a highly sexual woman finds a man that can handle her and wants to be with her and only her, that passion for him is I N T E N S E to say the least. That means that yes, 10 times out of 10–she’s hot in the pants for her man and if he lets her get it, she’s gonna go for it every time.

You constantly want to try new things.

A lot of love-making means you have to keep things innovative and fresh to make sure that you two wear each other out (winky face), but don’t get tired of one another. A highly sexual woman understands the importance of going all out to keep her man happy and to keep the relationship on the up-and-up. There’s always new tricks to learn.

You have to be with a highly sexual man.

This I am willing to debate, but from my own personal experience… relationships have been healthiest for me when I was committed to someone with as strong a sexuality as my own. What do you think?

Sex with you is an experience.

I’m willing to bet that any man who is in a relationship with a highly sexual woman has little to no complaints about the intimacy the two of them share. The passionate, wild, sensual connection you share with someone you’re growing with is incomparable at least while it lasts.

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Isis Nezbeth is a fresh, free-spirited freelance writer and author. She is a proud Twentysomething Scorpio woman who is dedicated to living freely and fulfilling her destiny in life. Her passions include writing, spreading joy, and making love. If she were stranded on a desert island, she’d need her Keurig, pens, paper, and the Baduizm album to die happily–or to survive until someone rescued her. Her greatest blessings in life are her family because even when she had nothing at all, they still made her rich beyond belief. She enjoys karaoke, spinach and mushroom pizza, and alcoholic beverages. Her end goal is to write enough to make at least three people change their life, to make a thousand people smile, and to some day afford a city view with the luxury of keeping her brandy in a decanter on the mantel. Connect with Isis @IsisNezbeth on social media networks.

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