The Ten Girl Code Commandments

The Bethenny Show had a panel of gal-pal lovin’, celebrity wives spoke on “The 10 Commandments of Girlfriends” that Bethenny collected from her viewers. The panel consisted of Alycia Cooper, Renee Graziano, Sonja Morgan, and Coco Austin and I loved it. Let’s get into it!


X. Thou shalt not judge your girlfriend.


I don’t know how you plan on having a loyal friendship with your girlfriend, but you’re judging her. This just does not work. The reason why me and my best gals are so close and unbreakable is because before anything else, we understand that we will NOT judge one another for any reason whatsoever. We declare this girl code commandment approved.

IX. Thou shalt not mix business with friendship.


This is a fragile commandment. Depending on the strength of the friendship and the type of women that make up the relationship, this could be a very good thing or a horrible thing. The celebrity panelists were 1/2 and 1/2 with this girl code commandment arguing that you should be able to do business with your girlfriend, but sometimes… you just can’t do it. From a personal standpoint, I’d have to say that based on my friends… I declare this girl code commandment approved.

VIII. Thou shalt not “friend-poach.”


Okay, so apparently, friend-poaching is when your girlfriend introduces you to another one of her girlfriends and you “steal” that friend from the initial friend who introduced the two of you. I don’t know about this one. I am firm believer in natural energy and chemistry. There is nothing you can do or be angry about if two people connect better than you connected with one of them. I think the more a woman matures the more she might understand why I declare this girl code commandment unapproved.

VII. Thou shalt honor thy girlfriend’s husband or boyfriend–even if you don’t like him.


LADIES! I don’t know about this one! Let’s talk this thing out. Now as a true girlfriend, you should know when all this girl-code bullshxt flies out the window–EMERGENCY. ie) Solange. Yes, you should always be respectful of your girlfriend and her relationship or marriage–especially marriage, that’s when family should hopefully be helping–but I’d NEVER allow a man to disrespect or harm any true girlfriend of mine.

If ‘honoring her guy’ simply means refraining from calling him every name in the book (at least to his face), as Alycia Cooper said on the panel, “keep the peace.” You know how it goes.. if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. So, I don’t know.. looking at the bright side of things and hoping –I declare this girl code commandment approved.

VI. Thou shalt always choose your girlfriend’s side in a breakup.


There was an interesting reaction between Alycia Cooper, Renee Graziano, and an audience member on this one. The audience member expressed that she had a friend who cheated on her husband and she sided with her friend’s husband instead of her friend because she doesn’t think highly of cheating. Alycia Cooper then asked, what if she was your sister? You would have chosen her husband over your own sister? Immediately the audience member replied “yes” and Renee and Alycia ate her up from there.

I’m with them. I know that it won’t always be right, but I always got my girls’ back in front of anyone. We’ll talk about the ugly stuff at home. I declare this girl code commandment approved.

V. Thou shalt not date your girlfriend’s ex.


Do we really have to talk about this? Obviously, this is NOT okay. I declare this girl code commandment approved.

IV. Thou shalt not cut out your girlfriends.

good friend

Coco made a really good point when this commandment came up. Yes, ladies… you should absolutely make sure you maintain the relationship with your friends. Don’t make it habitual (as Alycia pointed out) because that’s when it becomes a problem, but getting back to Coco’s point… your friends don’t pay your bills. Depending on the level of your relationship you may find that you have to take care of home first. If everything is all handled at home, definitely go out and have a good time with the girls! I declare this girl code commandment approved.

III. Thou shalt always be honest about your friend’s appearance.


A good friend never allows their friend to leave the house looking a mess! You just don’t do it! As Sonja Morgan of RHONY pointed out there’s a time and a place to tell your girlfriend she might want to consider an outfit change. It’s definitely NOT when you’re already at the venue! It’s okay to let girlfriend express her style, but just remember she’s also a reflection of you! I absolutely declare this girl code commandment approved.

II. Thou shalt not one-up one another.


The entire panel argued this one through explaining that if jealousy is present in the friendship then it’s potentially weakening anyway. I definitely agree with that. I think it’s also important to know where the two of you stand in the eyes of other because your girlfriend may not be trying to upstage you at all.. I declare this girl code commandment unapproved.

I. Thou shalt forgive and forget.


And the number one girl code commandment was that you must forgive and forget which was given by two beautiful women who have been friends “for longer than we’ve been alive” they shared with viewers. I absolutely agree. This is when true friendship comes into play. If you can’t forgive and forget, they might not be as loyal a friend as you thought they were and/or vice versa! This is when you decide what’s more important your friendship or a little drama? I declare this girl code commandment approved.


So, there you have it girls. 8 outta 10 ain’t bad! We’ve got to be the best gal-pals we can be these days! We’re all we’ve got! Here’s to a great week, ladies!


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