Unfolding the Classic Style of Briar Davis

I’m so excited to introduce our latest fashion inspiration, Miss Briar Davis. I have been following Briar on social media since I started writing with Kontrol Magazine last year and I have always enjoyed her bold fashion style. She’s definitely been one of my absolute favorite free-spirited people to follow online! I was so excited when she agreed to share more of her fashion style and background with us. So, let’s get to know Briar a little better, shall we?

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Tell us a little about Briar as a being.  “As a being, I am fairly spiritual, optimistic, and I would like to think very progressive. I’m learning to embrace change on a daily.”

Have you always had a passion for fashion? If not, when did it become important to you?  “I’ve always had a passion for fashion! I model my aesthetic after my mom who has a timeless wardrobe. As I grew older, I learned to express my fondness for fashion in different ways. However, I really channeled my style in middle school with ripped tights and chucks… kind of embarrassing, but I had to start somewhere.”

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What is your fashion statement? “I’d like to think that I communicate minimal and effortless looks with an all-inclusive wardrobe. I’ll rock a piece regardless of if it’s $10 or $100! If it’s classic, it’s mine. I think that people need to break the habit of sacrificing their pockets to be stylish. The less you try, the more you convey.”

What or who influences your style of dress? “It’s cliché, but my mood!”

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Do you have a favorite ‘go-to’ article in your wardrobe? “MY WOOL HAT FROM H&M! It’s honestly the perfect addition to any of my outfits! Especially when I’m feeling Bohemian.”

Do you have a process or routine to selecting what you will wear in the mornings? Lately, I’ve been making an effort to pick my outfits during the evening. It gives me time to coordinate and be strategic. I can attest that when I get dressed in the morning, I don’t execute to the best of my ability.

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Where do you plan to take your fashion influence in the future? I’ve had several opportunities (all in which I’m grateful for) to branch out as a fashion socialite. In the near future, I plan to develop my own culturally conscious magazine that will discuss fashion and its therapeutic characteristics. Fashion has been such a crucial element in my life and I would be crazy to abandon it.

Do you have any favorite places to shop? I LOVE Urban Outfitters, American apparel, Top Shop, Free People and all the thrift shops.

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If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, which color would it be and why? Nude, surprisingly. It’s a very comforting color and I think that it accentuates my skin.

What three articles of clothing do you feel every woman should have in her wardrobe? Every woman should have a bad ass (excuse the language) pair of jeans, A comfortable nude pump and a gorgeous bra.

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Is there anything else you would like to share with TGC readers? Honestly, I would encourage readers to remain authentic! Nowadays, there are so many carbon copies roaming this world. It’s so rare to find individuals. Stay true to YOU! You’ll go far.


I told you she was awesome and I won’t even start with how much I adore her outfits!!! I hope you enjoyed getting to know Briar and her fashion influence as much as I did. Be sure to keep up with Briar’s fashion style on Instragram.

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