“You Better Recognize!”: What Your Attitude Says About the Kind of Woman You Are


Ladies! It’s high time we start to realize that although a little attitude is natural–there’s got to be a limit. The other day I posted, “we do NOT have control over our lives, but we DO have control over our attitude and how we allow it to effect our life”, and that is exactly true. Your attitude says more about you than you can tell someone about yourself. I did some light research on the topic of attitudes and basically, research holds that there are three types of attitudes: positive, negative, and neutral. There are three components of an attitude: cognitive, affective, and behavioral. We are going to break each one down and discuss what these mindsets say about the woman you are. Let’s get into it!


[ ˈatiˌt(y)o͞od ]
noun: attitude · plural noun: attitudes
a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior:
“she took a tough attitude toward other people’s indulgences”

The components of an attitude

The cognitive component of an attitude occurs when you form an opinion about a person, situation, or thing. For example, “I don’t like his girlfriend.” The affective component occurs when you attach your emotions to the opinion you have formed about that person, situation, or thing. For example, “I don’t like his girlfriend and I hate the fact that he is with her.” The behavioral component occurs when you attach a desired behavior based on the emotion you have attached to the opinion of that person, situation, or thing. For example, “I’m going to break them up because I don’t like his girlfriend and I hate the fact that he is with her.”

So as you can see, your attitude effects a lot–which can be dangerous! The reaction does not have to be negative though, this is a matter of what type of attitude you possess.

Types of attitude

The woman with a positive attitude.


A person who possesses a positive attitude may show characteristics like confidence, cheerfulness, determination, patience, and humility. In my own words, I’d say this is the “all-around gal.” A woman with a positive attitude is the woman who doesn’t allow much of anything to come between her and her good nature. She always wins. She is a go-getter and a pleasure to be around. Many people are fond of the woman who possesses a positive attitude because she’s humble, pleasant, and deserving of the things she has in life.

The woman with a negative attitude.


A person who possesses a negative attitude may show characteristics like anger, hatred, jealousy, doubt, and resentment. To me, this woman would be our basic “Petty LaBelle.” A natural born pessimist. A woman with a negative attitude shows it in just about every way possible. She almost always allows things to negatively affect her thoughts. She isn’t used to looking at things on the bright side, but instead blames everyone else for her unhappiness. Not too many people will find her a pleasure to be around and she possesses the power to drag those who do choose to be around her down into the negative frump she is in because negative energy is definitely contagious.

The woman with a neutral attitude.


A person who possesses a neutral attitude is usually disconnected and unemotional–two things I feel a woman should never be. This woman is not a woman yet. This woman still needs to find herself, in my eyes. A woman with a neutral attitude is one who isn’t too sure of the life she is trying to live. This woman needs to find true friends and a direction in her life so that she may develop and understand how her attitude can and will effect her life in the future. People won’t really feel like their gaining or missing out on much from this type of woman because life as she knows it is such a fluid concept.

So ladies, let us be mindful of how our attitude affects the decisions you make, the way you interact with people, and most importantly, how people see you! Let’s all strive to work on showing our positive attitude this week! Can I get an amen?

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