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As you may remember in The Veggie Project, Goddess Isis introduced her journey as a vegetarian on the 30th of November. Now nearly two months in, she’s feeling more proud of this decision than ever. The following YouTube video is painful to watch, but highly educational. If you have a heart, please take a second to ‘Meet Your Meat':

That was pretty terrible right? I literally had to watch it through my fingers and still I couldn’t fight the tears. I’m not here to push my beliefs on anyone, but I am here to encourage those who feel like not eating meat may be worth it. The journey is not exceptionally easy, but it is not as hard as it may seem either. Luckily, after watching a number of different documentaries on Netflix, such as Food, Inc., Vegucated, and Hungry for Change, it was very easy for me to make a personal decision to stop consuming meat. Honestly, it wasn’t the health factors that really got me on board, it was the pain I felt in my heart from what we do to farm animals like cows, pigs, and chickens. It broke my heart. Did you know…

20140128-185503.jpgOne of the hardest parts of my vegetarian journey so far is the negative feedback that people initially give off after learning about your decision. Very rarely was I able to happily express my joy in my newfound journey without someone responding by saying something along the lines of “Why would you stop eating meat?”, “God gave us animals to eat them”, “You’re gonna quit. You’re just doing it to get readers on your blog.” Crazy, right? What gets me is the simple fact that when I tell someone I am a vegetarian, it isn’t to make them feel bad about their eating choices, but as a defense mechanism they immediately fly off the deep end and begin justifying their reasons for eating meat.

20140128-185509.jpgAs I mentioned earlier, although there are several health benefits that come with my new lifestyle, the main thing that allows me to commit to this lifestyle is my love for animals and continuously educating myself on processed foods. I love animals. I love the zoo. It is just completely inhumane to treat half the animals as animals and these poor cows, chickens, and pigs like they’re not living creatures. It’s just as the saying goes, “too much of something is no good for you.” I agree everyone reading this to refrain from eating meat at least one day out of the week. Meatless Monday is very easy to remember and commit to. The amount of animals we kill per year for the sole reason of consumption is unbelievable and at the rate we’re killing animals, it will come as no surprise when in a few years, they are long gone.


Again, I am not here to make anyone feel guilty about their meat consumption–well, maybe a little–but I am ultimately here to encourage you to educate yourself on where and how your process food is made. A little research goes a long way and eating healthier will make you feel better about yourself, both inside and out. I guarantee it. I understand that it is much easier to make “fast, cheap, easy, and ultimately fake food choices because it is convenient, but it is just as easy to make healthier, meatless food choices. Although personally, I enjoy preparing my meatless meals at home, there are fast food options out there. One of my favorites happens to be the VeggieDelite from Subway. I made my boyfriend have a bite and he couldn’t even tell that there was no meat in the sandwich. Other options are french fries, baked potatoes from Wendy’s, pizza slices (another one of my favorites), just to name a few.

20140128-185544.jpgI hope you take the time to educate yourself a little on the matter of animal cruelty for our consumption as well as doing your best to participate in Meatless Monday’s or whatever day of the week is best suitable for you. At the time of my journey, I was engaging in this lifestyle to ‘try it on for size’, but the more I learned and the more meatless food I explored, I have made a commitment that I can’t wait to last a lifetime. Here are a few tips that have helped me so far with my vegetarian lifestyle:

Don’t forget that…

    • It takes DISCIPLINE.
    • You CAN eat healthily and balanced WITHOUT meat.
    • You need to educate yourself on the matter. This will make it easier.
    • It’s a choice, not a sacrifice.
    • There are plenty of meatless foods out there to try. Don’t stay stuck on one thing. The more you eat, the more you’ll like!
    • You will need supporters for when the cravings start to come.
    • You WILL get cravings., but you can resist them!
    • You can do things like set a fruit basket on the table to make it easier to make healthy eating choices.
    • Buffalo sauce doesn’t only have to go on meat. Buffalo sauce and carrot sticks are my FAVE bar/happy hour snack. 
    • Take steps that you can manage. If you have to cut out one type of meat at a time, do that. Don’t go cold turkey if you can’t commit to it just yet. All good things take time.

Can’t wait to hear about your journey.

Peace and love, dear reader,


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